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Does anyone have any tips or tricks on Night Compulsions or behaviours, I can’t never seem to sleep! And when I do I’m literally having night terrors about the bad things that could happen and end up sleeping until 1/3 o’clock in the day (PM)

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I've often had bouts of insomnia. And it's easy to find oneself going over and over things in your head while you can't sleep.

It helps to have a routine. Avoid eating or caffeine a couple of hours before bed if you can. Go to bed and get up at regular hours. This can be difficult at first, but you get more used to it and it becomes natural to you. Avoid lying in as that makes you less likely to get to sleep when you should.

It also helps to keep busy during the day, and if you can, get a bit of fresh air and exercise.

Yeah definitely it’s just really hard at the moment especially with using Prozac..I’ve tried everything but and I end up so tired through the day! I think it’s something that I just need to work on

If the Prozac is a recent thing, perhaps once you get more used to it, the side effects will wear off. Getting into a sleeping routine does take a bit of effort but it's worth the trouble.

I’m going away on a trip with some people and I’m soooo embarrassed about my Obsessive compulsive disorder how to I keep it to a low!!!!

Yes I also have night time decontamination compulsions that I have to do before I go to bed, so they keep me up till anything up to 5:30am but an early night is 3am and I am asleep through till 2:30pm but if I'm early its about noon to half past. So I completely understand and empathize with you.

Yeah it’s really not great, in fact it’s happening right now! I started playing candy crush because it distracts me from it all and now I’m like 600+ plus hah! It’s hard when you can’t go on a diet or take a pill medication only helps a bit. I just feel like nobody can be bothered with me because of it, it’s crazy it really puts you on a low. I’m starting to take the approach of just saying to myself I’m ok 🙂 but that only helps so much!

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