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obsessions out of control can anyone help


i have suffered from Anxiety GAd OCD for a long while but I have just gone through hours all night doing the same ritual I couldn't do it right and it is worrying me.

I spents hours trying to do it right and was very tired please has anyone else suffered to this illness like this as I feel ashamed scared and guilty,also worried I will annoy my neighbours with my conyinued activity. I just keep feeling that something bad will happen as I couldn't do it right help please.

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I think my son is having the same intrusive ocd as you. He spends all day doing rituals until they feel right and if he can't do them one day he suffers more the following day.

It must be exhausting for you.

Have you spoken to your gp to get help. We have and although it's been a long process he is now on a list with the mental health team.

Do you have any one who can support you.

bubble02 in reply to Kaz1990

hello lovely for the replies i have seen gp mental health team and it isn't really helping spend a lot of time on my own which doesn't help, but afraid to go out as well. its the continuous compulsions i find people just don't want to know and it has become a lonely isolating illness.


hi bubble,theirs a lovely paperback all about ocd written by a spec-doctor in ocd its called

brain block in a nutshell its all about our simptons you would like it,i don't want to spoil it

for you to much bubbles,so give it a try will you for me.peekeneese.

bubble02 in reply to Hidden

i haven't read this i have read a lot of articles and books but don't have the courage to do it and i am in constantly being worried.

It's awful to feel that way. Try to give it a rest and then if you still feel you have to redo it then at least you won't be so exhausted and you'll be more likely to do it 'right'.

It's an isolating illness all right. And that makes it worse, as the less you get out and do things, the more you are left stuck inside doing rituals. I'm fortunate in having good friends and family who are supportive and willing to put up with my OCD. But still, I often feel isolated.

Hidden in reply to Sallyskins

your quite right sally,ocd is a visusse sercle the more you fight it the harder it gets.as soon

as I think,im feeling better today,then every thing bad haooens.we with ocd should be used to it,but with ocd being in your mind,i suppose it get their first.hope you can under

stand sally,i think ocd even makes me spell badley,well ive got to put the blame somwere


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Sallyskins in reply to Hidden

That is so hurtful. I don't know how you can reconnect with them, and it sounds like you have really tried. It's so horribly isolating having OCD anyway, and when your closest family don't support you it makes it all the more difficult.

It is not you that is horrible. They shouldn't treat anyone like that, and certainly not a family member who is ill and struggling. It's difficult enough to make new friends or keep up with old ones when you have trouble going out.

How much do they understand about OCD? I'm afraid there is still a lot of ignorance about it, though more people are aware of it now. It makes you not want to try getting in touch with them in case they don't respond well, but it might be worth giving one of them a call and explaining how you don't like being like this, that you could do with some practical help or at least a bit of understanding. But I can understand if you're afraid of trying.

Do give the Bath Mind number a call. The advocates are trained and know the system, and what you're entitled to, and if they can help sort out some treatment you will benefit at least from that.

I really appreciate this and work or being very unfair too as it is another absense i am struggling badley. is there any rehab places near to you where i could meet up and talk as you seem to be the only one who has such much knowledge kindness and support. not sure if hthere is i really could do with some help

Sallyskins in reply to bubble02

It's not easy anyway, holding down a job with OCD, so you deserve some credit for having been doing a job at all!

Not sure about rehab places, but perhaps we could meet and chat somewhere else. I don't know about my having knowledge, but I suppose having had OCD for so many years I've picked up a lot of things about it, and have had plenty of experience fighting it!

It really sounds as though you're struggling and if I can help I'm happy to.

bubble02 in reply to Sallyskins

Hi Sally please help ad reply I am so worried as I have a ew thig where I eed to fiish a phoecall ad everythig go well, I did,t do this ad tried phoig the perso back so I could do it good, they said they would come back to me ad have't I am so worried as I caot complete my ritual ad scared somethig will be bad please help.

Sallyskins in reply to bubble02

Sorry I didn't get back to you before. I must have missed a notification and didn't know you had posted.

Perhaps if you can, phone the therapist back again and explain. If someone else answers the phone say that you really need to speak to the therapist.

From the post below it appears that this happened nearly two weeks ago. I'm sorry that you've been stewing all this while. The anxious feelings often do go down after a while, but I know how they can keep hold of you weeks and months after, until you can complete the ritual.

It's really horrible, I know! I've actually made excuses to go somewhere I didn't need to because I didn't do something 'right' and couldn't rest until I'd gone back and done it.

I ought to add that nothing bad actually will happen as a result of your not completing the ritual. Some people would say just stick it out, but I don't think you're ready to do that at this stage.

bubble02 in reply to Sallyskins

Really struggling ad feel so helpless I am isolated since I had this fall and injury. I can't find friends if anyone o here lives i my area I could do with meeting up I feel I am slowly becoming isolated and scared of being alone. Any ideas

Sallyskins in reply to bubble02

It's really something that you could do without, the injury from falling. As if OCD weren't enough to put up with. It's easy to lose touch with friends when you have OCD, and then you are stuck inside the house with no one to talk to.

In my message I said that maybe I could come to Bath, but meanwhile I'll try to think of anything that could get you out of the house and feel less alone.

bubble02 in reply to Sallyskins

i really appreciate everythig so low and wanting to meet people people and friends anyone else feel like this it is so lonely and isolating can anyone help

Sallyskins in reply to bubble02

It makes you feel lousy, doesn't it? The more isolated you are, the less you get to mix with other people, the more everyone else appears to have a brilliant social life and tons of friends! And that can make you feel as though nobody wants your friendship.

But there are lots of really nice, decent people in the same position. I often feel isolated myself, although I manage to get out quite a bit and have a small circle of longstanding friends. I know the feeling of 'maybe nobody likes me' though I know many people do.

It's difficult to get out when you have OCD, but perhaps there's a local support group you could join, or somewhere you could volunteer maybe once a week or whatever you can do. I've done similar things and have felt better for it.

Do message me whenever you like and maybe we can arrange something.

Please help not doing well, I am looking at another therapist ad when I came of the phone was very anxious as pen fell o the floor ad a close person name came into my mind, now I don't know whether to go ahead withy this i case somethig bad happens. I have asked the therapist to call back but she hasn.t ad I think it could mea something bad don't kow what to do I am i such a bad place worried and struggling please help.

Take a deep breath, nothing bad is going to happen. It’s just OCD. This morning it felt so real to me too. I thought I was so close to stabbing my precious corgi. Now I’m at work. Nothing bad happened. Sometimes therapists can take a while to call back. I’m sure you will hear back soon. You’re going to be ok. Do you have anyone that can come and be with you?Maybe some distraction could help you.

No only persons that point out my faults ad say things like you are always doing this this what you do.

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