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“I’m So OCD” - A Poem by Me


“I’m so OCD” you say

I silently wish we could trade lives for a day

“I don’t like to step on the cracks” you state

And I wonder, could you handle the weight?

“I like to keep my room clean” you say

Please God help them to understand, I pray

If only you could take a peak into my brain

Maybe then you could comprehend the pain

A minute of your time is all it would take

To see how many smiles I have to fake

How many tears I have to hide

While I slowly wither away deep inside

A prisoner of my own mind

I ask myself how life can be so unkind?

You see, for me the simplest of things

Become those that leave the biggest stings

I know the road is spotty

But I wonder, did I just run over a body?

When my head fills with pain

I worry - is it cancer or just a simple migraine?

In the kitchen sink I spot a knife

Will I turn evil and take somebody’s life?

If I don’t close the door just right

Will my family and friends be alright?

The thoughts continue to flood my head

And I hope tonight I can go to bed

“I’m so OCD” I hear you laugh

And I listen as my heart breaks in half

Please, take a walk in my shoes

Maybe it could change your views

I hope that one day you can understand

All of the suffering I have had to withstand

And that OCD is not an adjective or a joke

I think just maybe, you may have misspoke.

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That pretty much sums up what it's like! People often say flippantly, 'I'm a little bit OCD' if they're a bit tidy, but really, they don't know what it is to have OCD.

Thanks for your poem!

Beautifully written, and right on the nail. I hope you don't mind but I'd like to make a copy of that and put it on my wall!?

in reply to Katz101

Oh my gosh of course! I’m so glad you liked it!! 😊

in reply to MyOCD123

Thank you 😁 it's nice to be in a position to relate! and not to be a lone.

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