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today for me has been the worst day if my life.getting help here in England,is bad.all

talk no action,i say I have ocd,because im on medication for it,i suspect it might be some sort of scrosenior sorry about spelling,when stressed spelling goes out the window.doctors o we will right of in the hope someone will help.i know I have a mental

healf ishue,ive been like this for years now,i today upset sonbody I love,the last person

in the world,but I did.im trying to fight this thing,but keep failing,i love being alive but

I must do something to stop me doing things.o sorry for giving you all my wo,ive nobody left to tell my story to.wish you all happy new year when it comes.by by.

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10 Replies
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It could be OCD, but OCD isn't likely to be behind your exposure problem. Some medications are used for a lot of different illnesses.

Go back to your doctor, or talk to your probation officer about getting help. The problem is that the NHS is so underfunded that people have to wait for treatment. It's not that they are deliberately messing you around.

Ask for information about your condition, what it is, and things you can do to make it better.

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thanks sallyskins,gone throu all that time and again,the problem is it is easyar to say some one is bad tham mentaly ill.even the courts wont acsept somone can be mentaly ill.

sally,i cry not just me but all the others banged up in dirty jails for being mentaly ill.im currently a my lowest ebb ,thanks again sally,

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That's the power of the OCD it is so damaging on ourselves and others, you become trapped in your own head despite knowing the damage it does. Do you have any ocd self help groups near you? I have benefited from group support even though everybody's ocd is different: the groups can helps to break down the power of this condition. I think OCD Action has a list across the country. Certainly worth considering if you have to wait awhile for treatment on the NHS.

in reply to ruefreedom

hi rue.in your reply you distcribed ocd perfectly.wish powers at be police,courts,even

people in the street.would understand,how bad ocd is.

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He prconeese! I live in England as well and think the same the is no help but when really the is I went to my doctor a few month ago and was giving a pack of pills a says is this all you do when some one comes in with a intrusive thoughts you give tables to you Mays well give me a bottle of vodka! In some ppl tho meds is the best but I find now going to the gym helps me talking about it to my family and friends helps also ad go back to your doctor and tell them you want help now not next week or month you want it now!

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thanks mydog,im peekoneese,because me and my late sister had

6 peekeneese dogs running around the house,thoes were the good

times I suppose,perhapse,those really good times,masked my ocd

or I was to happy enyoying life,dont know,mydog.you might understand

anyway,2 months ago I went to doctors.you know had enough,said,i

want action now,kind of thing.yes ill right off for help for you.o I went

home feeling,at last after all these years,ive finely done it,not hearing

anything last week,i trased the department involved,my reply was

you are at bottom,of list,somtimes late,april,and the just for talking

theripy.so I understand how you must feel mydog .

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A don’t no where in England you live but am in Newcastle and the is a place called talking Newcastle they are really good well now that av put my foot down and got the help I need and that’s a long time to wait! Maybe going to doctor and telling them NOW they will help I promise you all the lick in the world to you!

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thank you for your kind reply,my mother came from hartlipool,they

should have hanged my doctor,rather that poor monkey.

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Wow not far from me! U will get there one day all we will we have to think good thoughts ano it’s not easy my anxiety is the main off all of this it makes me really bad when I think “what if” & “im I going crazy” or the intrusive thoughts kick in it’s horrible wouldn’t wish this on anyone! Hope you get the help beat wishes

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perhaps,you can read this later,but am still reading book called brain lock

ritton by a doctor,by the way.he says we have a tendancy to blame arselves

for intrusive thoughts.its not the case.our brains get stuck,and we must lern

when that happens,to wait 15 imin,try to think of something different.it says

by doing this,it trains your brain,to unstick itself.he says it works after a while

and eventuly you can live a near normal life.its hard work I suppose,but the

only option ,you have to work at things if you have ocd.good night mydog.

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