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Time goes by and i cant control my mind


I feel like the skynis falling i feel lost im tired of crying everyday sometimes i feel like giving upmbut i cant and i wont as much as i feel my world is falling apart and im crawling in my own skin i feel like im fighting to keep my head up from drowning my beautiful boys need me i feel ao heartbroken tore apart and break down in tears all the time like why does this ocd anxiety go after what is most precious in my life my kids my family why😢😢😢💔💔

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It is clear that you are really suffering. Do consider taking medication, as it can be a great help.

That's one of the things with OCD. It attacks you by taking what matters most to you, in your case your boys. Don't let it. They are safe with you.

I know how horrible it is to be so tormented by your own mind. At the moment there isn't a cure for OCD but it can be controlled so you have a happy life with your family, friends and work.

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