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todau i was at work and suddey these images popd up in my head intrusive thoughts then i was like β€œwhat if i do do it not not but what if i loose my mind or what if i am becoming crazy but i dont know it , also What if its not ocd but something else , then images of my husband popd up in my head as if i really acted on the thoughts incan picture myself being locked up , this is so terryfying i live IN FEAR AND WORRY EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE , I FEAR EVERYTHING I DOUBT EVERYTHING I FEAR I WILL BECOME OR SLOWLY WILL BECOME CRAZY OR SEE AND HEAR THINGS IS SO HEARTBREAKING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS SPECIALLY BECAUSE THESE DISTURBING UGLY THINGS THAT GO ON IN MY HEAD AND I HAVE TO FIGHT TO FUNCTION DAILY , I really do try my best to not fight these thoughts or google and search to make sure i am not going or will go insane i always search and feel better when i find someone similar to the symptoms i have but then im in fear again i Just Want to Enjoy MY LIFE AS A MOTHER AND WIFE WITH MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY I AM SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE A FAMILY A ROOF FOOD ETC I AM NOT THANKFUL FOR THIS ILLNESS 😒 but its part of me and my life i have to stick with it for life breaks my hear πŸ’”πŸ˜’ . I have not been diagnosed with ocd ; But i have for anxiety , but i feel like i have all the symptoms

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Maybe go back to your doc and ask for a mental health assessment? They can point you in the right direction then. Also maybe try some medication if you aren't already and ask for CBT x

Your anxiety/OCD seems full blown at this time; perhaps it's due to Christmastime, which can be stressful. Many of us in this online community can relate to your desperate thoughts and feelings; we have all been there! I know I have. If at all possible, please reach out to a mental health professional and share your post with her/him. Hold nothing back when you tell your story. You can (and must) seek help, certainly for yourself, but just as importantly, for the sake of your children. Your children will sense your agony and they will be affected. (My son certainly was.) Take action today. Seek help today. You're worth it! Sheila

I dont have money for therapy 😒

Are there any mental health resources in your town/city available for all. In my city we have the Mental Health Association and anyone can walk in and seek help. Advocate for yourself; get informed; find out what's available. It's really important to not cave in and say, "poor me". Get creative with your solutions. There are solutions out there!

I live in CA, USA i will try to find help thanks alot

It could well be that you are feeling worse in the run up to Christmas. Many of us do! There is a lot of stress and feeling that you have to do things and live up to expectations, and that other people are relying on you to make it great.

If possible, do consider taking medication, perhaps not immediately but in the new year, as it can take up to four weeks to kick in. It isn't a cure but it can take the worst of the OCD off and make you feel more up to fighting it.

It really difficult, I know, to get help in the USA when you've no money. Here in England you often have to wait for treatment, but at least it's free! But there are a lot of decent books on OCD that can really help, and online resources as well. And forums like this that can make you feel less alone with it.

I think I may have posted a couple of links to online stuff that you could give a try. Do access them, and I can post them again if you wish.

It's horrible having intrusive images, but believe me, you are not crazy, or likely to go crazy. I know that you haven't had an official diagnosis but it sounds like it's certainly OCD. It is a condition that can be managed, and you can learn to enjoy life with your family again.

I'll tell you right now. I went to a psychologist after dealing with it for a week. It was no help! Someone to talk to, but no coping skills, meds, suggestions, nothing! When you are scared and feel you are going nothing short of crazy you need more then that. Much more! I've learned more from reading stories like yours and internet search. The thing it feeds on the most is fear!!! You gotta stay busy. You gotta to ignore it. It's hard. So hard. The more it suppressed or you try to counter it with other words or thoughts, it manifest. At least that's how I feel. Just put it in its place! You will NOT control me! Remember it isn't you. That's not you. Your heart hasn't changed. If you are fearing it's something darker, well I feel that's exactly it. It doesn't want you to be happy. Rebuke it. Take your life back! Turn to God.

I've been going through it for almost a month. I'm done. I'm not doing it anymore and I've surrendered myself to Jesus. Mind and all. I choose love, light and life. I have too much to live for. That is not me. I'm also a Mom and the love I have for my children is so much more. I also try to "Be Still". Find the quiet. Re group, and find that peace of mind I took for granted.

I totally understand inhave tried meds too but they only make me feel worst all i want is to enjoy life my 2amazing boys i know deep down in my heart i am a loving carinf friendly person inwould never in a million years or life do no harm to nobody i am so sensitive and emotional this just scares me so much as much as i try to ignore is the hardest horrible thing to deal with


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