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I was wondering if anyone ever feels the same , i read positive and successful stories of overcoming ocd but these ugly thoughts come and tight when i feel hope they attack me like make me feel like im a bad person like its all a lie that people overcome it i know myself its not true but the fact that these thoughts and feelings attack me makes it all hard😢 ALSO if its just me but when all these thoughs and feelings appear i always feel and know that i would never do such thing or when i have a convo with friends or my bf we always are like omg i though that too so im thinking i am not crazy im not weird people somewhat think like me similar or have the same ideas ughhh i know its hard too understand but i hope someone knows can relate😢😢

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Many people do overcome OCD, but it isn't an instant fix and it isn't a cure. It's a matter of learning to get by and enjoy life and the things in life that you value. So don't feel a failure or that there must be something wrong with you that you are still being bombarded by these ugly thoughts.

Having OCD doesn't make you crazy, and as for weird, well, it does make us do some weird things! But everyone has weird thoughts, and even horrible violent thoughts, and the difference with them is that they don't pay these thoughts any attention. It's OCD that makes us give these thoughts the attention that they really do not deserve, and attach importance to them that they really do not have.

I do know just how it feels, and it's difficult to ignore the thoughts, but the more you push them away the more they come back. Ignoring them makes them fed up and they go away because they don't get any attention. Easier said than done, I know, but remember that the very fact that these thoughts are so upsetting is proof that you would never do anything like that.

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