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Living with OCD

Hi , I’m new today been living with OCD for many years and it’s got very very atm . Feel sick inside and nervous all the time .

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Sounds as though you are experiencing a flare up. It's a condition that fluctuates and you won't always feel as bad as you do now, as I'm sure you are aware.

It does help during a flare up to read over the bits that are most helpful to you in self help books to remind yourself that OCD is a lying manipulative bully. I can post a few things if they would be of any help.

Meanwhile, if you have a therapist it might help to get in touch with them for a bit of support. Make sure that you take your medication if you are on it. If it isn't working as it should be then perhaps your psychiatrist can suggest something else.


Try these:

readingagency.org.uk/adults... particularly the foreword

nhs.uk/conditions/stress-an... particularly anxiety control training audio guide and unhelpful thinking audio guide


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