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OCD diagnosis


When/how do you actually get a diagnosis? I’m in the UK and would be great for someone to just confirm or not that I have OCD so I can understand myself a bit more and start treatment. My doctors has referred me to a talking service which involves some form of assessment from someone over the phone. I am getting private CBT through work, but they have just referred me for treatment of symptomology brought on by severe anxiety. While K realise labels are moot to some extent, it would help, particularly for things like reasonable adjustment at work and managing my home life more

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It's more than just a label, OCD is a real illness, an abnormality in the brain. Nobody says that heart disease or kidney disease is a 'label', and mental illness is no different.

Go back to your GP and ask for a referral to the Community Mental Health Team, or CMHT. They should be able to give you a proper diagnosis. I think that face-to-face is better than over the phone.

There are also questionnaires that you can fill in and they are in the back of some of the self-help books available or online.

One is the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Scale, which if you google it you can download from the internet. Answer the questions and it will tell you if you have OCD and if so, how severe it is.

There are some excellent self-help books. I often suggest the very helpful Overcoming range of books, which cover quite a number of mental and emotional disorders. But it makes sense to get some sort of diagnosis so you know what titles would help you most.

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