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Ocd, meds


Hi everyone

Little back storey, suffer from ocd and anxiety and have done for the last 3 years I originally took meds ( sertraline) which worked and stupidly came off them couple months ago, now suffering again from harm ocd

I seem to have constant thoughts of me harming myself and I don’t know why. I don’t want to harm myself and I know that.. yet seem to get none stops intrusive thoughts all the time which cause me mass anxiety

Anyone else suffer from this form of ocd just looking for some reassurance and a chat I guess

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Hello, I also think a lot about harming myself and others around me. I’m not really an expert on how to ward away intrusive thoughts, but going for a walk or talking to someone about it might help you.

Go back on the sertraline unless you had side effects which made it difficult for you to take them. Often patients make the mistake of coming off medication when they feel better. Coming off the meds is the correct procedure for a one-off bout of mental illness, but with a long term condition like OCD the OCD rears its ugly head again when you come off them. I can't promise that the intrusive thoughts will go away entirely, but they should be easier to cope with.

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