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Is this OCD?

I've always been a bit obsessed with doing things over and over but I'm wondering whether this particular thing is OCD.

I tend to get obsessed over TV shows and books. it was worse when I was a kid but even now I do tend to go a bit overboard, I think. I tend to watch the same clips on YouTube over and over and read the same fanfiction over and over and I try not to, but I get the same urge to do it and that can go on for awhile.

Does that sound familiar to anybody?

It's not something that massively distresses me, But it does bother me that I can't seem to stop it.

Does anybody have any advice?

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That sounds pretty normal to me!! You've heard people say, I've seen that movie a hundred times...well probably 3 or 4 times. My husband is like you and has no ocd, I promise.


It's ok. But why not make yourself watch something else before you can watch it. Help break pattern. We can get pattern obsessed so unless we break it ... we don't find new ones


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