Extreme OCD on channel 5

Did anyone watch this programme

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  • Yes found it very interesting, how about you?

  • I thought it was good because ppl don't know what OCD is

  • Please contact

  • Hi. I've just watched it. There were few positive bits explaining there are therapies and always things you can do. It was a sympathetic portrayal of the young people with ocd, and their families. It definitely highlights this condition without mocking it as channel 4 like to do. I thought it was a good documentary for spreading awareness.

  • I think so too

  • Yes it was absolutely brilliant...i too suffer frm intrusive thoughts and the OCD drives me to pick at my skin just like the girl in the prof. I learnt so much about myself by watching this excellent prog. It helpwd me so much. Much more than my idiot psychiatrist helps. X

  • Lol it helped me too and ERP therapy is deffo the best for OCD x

  • I haven't watched it yet, but I am curious if it offered any alternatives to CBT? I have had terrible OCD most of my life and tried several CBT blocks and nothing has ever helped :-(

  • One girl said hypnosis

  • I was trying hypno actually but I got too ill to carry on with it :( does CBT help you?

  • Not the CBT had that. But ERP therapy

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