Crying after high anxiety day

Hi everyone,

I have had OCD for many years (but it was livable), but now it has become quite bad. Especially the thoughts.

So, I took an A Vogel passiflora complex forte today (with lemon balm, valerian and passionflower) and felt quite calm afterwards.

But know I feel like I just want to cry, and I will do later. Is this a result of the passionflower? Is this a way of releasing stress? I don't want to become depressed or anything, this is a really weird feeling for me

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I'm not a clinician or a herbal practitioner, but I tried valerian as a treatment for insomnia and felt headachey the next day. Apparently this can happen. Perhaps the sedative effects of the combination you have taken had a 'down' effect on you. Be careful to check if you take anything herbal alongside prescription drugs. And perhaps it would be good to go to a GP - antidepressants can have relieve tension as well as alleviating depression. Or go to a qualified herbalist (or at least read up about the subject) to get a combination that helps. But always be careful when using herbal remedies - some may react with other herbal remedies or with doctor-prescribed medicines.

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Hello, I've been in an OCD attack since mid December and it peaks at times but I've found I have cried everyday since then except 2 days last week where I was just teary. I have not been diagnosed with depression. I feel I cry because I'm coming to terms with OCD and crying relieves so much stress from me, I feel the tears bubble up then let it out and have a good cry to my husband. For me, OCD has been an incredible stressful illness to live with and I feel like all my crying has been helping me push through. I'm on the road to recovering from this episode of it but personally feel for me crying is a stress reliever, a way to make sense of it all and let out everything that's going on and not because I'm slipping into depression. Any concerns then don't hold back from giving your doctor a call, they can do a simple questionnaire to assess your overall mood and offer advice on how to help. I hope you find the answers you are looking for, please don't have any fear in needing a good cry X


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