Does OCD include thoughts as well as behaviours?

I've just been prescribed citalopram, for anxiety & depression, after suffering for years without diagnosis despite asking doctors for help, told I was healthy & needed to stop worrying. Now I realise certain childhood behaviours like constantly picking the same place on my wrist & getting upset if certain things weren't ' right' were perhaps linked to a level of compulsive anxiety & not just being ' 'difficult'. As a result I have grown up with an internal critic telling me I am ' silly' ' over dramatic' & ' fussy'. A school teacher told me she called me ' Fanny Fusspot', at 11years old I was mortified & it still rankles. I am interested in how misunderstood OCD is & how looking at patterns/developments in Art & Music, particularly Atonal music of the early 20th C can be of benefit to sufferers. Understanding how deeply some creative thinkers have studied symmetry & rythmn & it's emotional effects on the psyche, brain etc, I think has significance for those of us who react in this way to the world. Does anyone know how Schematic behaviour can affect/ be affected by OCD?????

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  • It sounds as though you have obsessive thought OCD. Citalopram is excellent for this. Go to your GP and ask to get referred for some cognitive behavioural therapy. I suffer from the same thing caused by over criticism from my parents. Wishing youGood luck

  • I take citalopram for intrusive thoughts as well.

  • Hello, I just wanted to give my experience...I tried Citalopram over Christmas and after a few days I was taken off it as it made me even worse which I didn't think could be possible. I've had OCD since I was a child without realising until mid December when it became obsessive thought OCD and took over my life and I was diagnosed with OCD by my cbt counsellor. I had awful side effects from citalopram so I havnt gone back on anything long term like that since because I worry it will happen again BUT there are so many different medications available so if you find like me it doesn't work then be reassured that there are plenty of other options. I found lorazepam which works similar to diazepam best for me (Diazepam didn't do anything for my panic attacks) so I was put on a combo of Quetirapin (not 100% sure on spelling and stopped it after a couple of weeks) and lorazepam which really helped and now just take a lorazepam if the physical panic gets to much so at the moment might need one every few days or so (I can take 4 a day if needed which I did at first but have now weaned right down) and with CBT counselling I've had big improvement. I also highly recommend the book brain lock by Jeffrey M. Schwartz...this book has absolutely saved me! I don't know why Drs and counsellors don't recommend it from the off-set of OCD diagnosis. I wish you all the best X

  • Self Help for your Nerves is brilliant. It's by Dr Claire Weekes.

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