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Not sure if I have OCD...new on site

Have been on citalopram for 5 yrs but stopped abruptly 4 months ago and have experienced major withdrawal symptoms. Have always had some form of OCD I think...tend to dwell on things that concern me, worry, cause extreme anxiety, have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder...Recently concerned about thoughts about sex...I know I would never do anything wrong or harm anyone but have thought about sex with young girls following reading an advert in a paper for a home help for a couple with 10 yr old daughter??? Not sure what I am thinking about but am so worried I may be sexually attracted to young girls???

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It is not good to stop taking an antidepressant suddenly anyway, and I think you should go to your doctor and get put back on. If they help, they help, and if you want to get off them, then do it gradually with medical assistance. I'm sure that you are not attracted to young girls - everything I have heard says that those who are don't worry about it. It's the OCD that is telling you something you know is untrue. And people with OCD who are afraid of harming children are not in the least likely to do it!


Thank you so much for replying...it really helps

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