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OCD controlling my sister

Hi I need advise my nephew has OCD but he makes his mum go through every ritual and it is very exhausting for her she has to stand while he tells her when to speak when to close the fridge door when to get him a drink,he was tested for drugs but wouldn't do a urine sample my sister is totally at hers wits ends he won't shower and is living like a homeless person his room looks like a drug den so my question is can someone with OCD bully and make another person carry out these rituals or has the OCD occurred because of drug taking any advise appreciated as my sister and I are really concerned

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Never heard of drugs being connected with OCD. However, a quick google does have various references to the topic. OCD is very disturbing and debilitating. How ever, there are treatments. Best wishes.


Hi it seems to me that there are a lot of serious issues that need to be addressed your poor nephew obviously has a lot of issues which unfortunately might worsen if you don't seek help, have you spoke to your GP about this, if not I would seriously recommend you do. Even if he or she can t deal with you personally they can point you in the right direction to someone that can help and make the necessary arrangments , and give you the best advice. All the best. Rusty 1970


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