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Obsessive thoughts

Hi all

I havn't been diagnosed but I feel may

Have ocd /generalised anxiety. I suffer daily with obsessive thoughts, mostly based around relationships and my ex. Everyday I have unwanted thoughts of my ex , that I cannot control. They defy all logic as he was so bad for me. They actually cripple me , to the extent I can't function that well. I deal with them by obsessively talking about it and getting reassurance. I gain some relief , but then they come back. I ruminate over every last detail and what I did wrong/was he the only one for me. I have been like this before with other people. The thoughts are very intrusive. In the past, I have also obsessed with my health /getting a serious illness. I would compulsively research about it and I convinced myself I had ms and I ended up getting a brain scan. Has anyone else had these thoughts ? The thoughts I have are not logical, but I can't stop them. Thanks.

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Hi, did you receive any further help after your scan ? No follow up consultation to assess these thoughts? They must be common experiences as Bach Flower remedies include White Chestnut for ' persistent unwanted thoughts' . These remedies cover alot of anxiety type ailments , which ,to my mind, show how many people need help for these . Bach Flower remedies are not proven to work but on the other hand, if they help you 'think' yourself better, then won't that help, even a little? I'm not sure, but I wonder if they help to make you feel like a support, like a hug, but not without professional help first . What do you think about these 'placebo' remedies? They show that it is big business, because so many people need help. Can you picture a future for yourself, as a happy individual , happy to be without the wrong/unhealthy partner? Why don't we obsess about positive things ? Can we train our brains? I hope you find a way to break this cycle. You are not alone,dont worry.

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Hi KittyKat,

This is my first time on here and I just wanted to say that reading your post made me realise I am in the right place!!

Since I got married two years ago I have struggled on and off with obsessive thoughts about my marriage and whether or not my husband is the right person for me - crazy because we are a very happy couple and I love him. But it's exactly as you described, obsessive thoughts over every last detail of our relationship. It has hugely affected me (severe anxiety, panic attacks etc) and our relationship and I have also had two episodes of moderate clinical depression which I now feel were directly linked to the obsessive thoughts (ie. I became depressed because I struggled and failed to control the thoughts on my own).

Last September we also had a baby. My son is nine months now and I was fine at first, but three months into my maternity leave the obsessive thoughts returned and I became depressed again.

However, what I also wanted to say is that I am now getting better, and I know you can too!! I went to my GP in the first instance and was put on the SSRI Sertraline which really helped improve my mood and get me into a better state to tackle the thoughts. I then self-referred to my local IAPT service and have been having cognitive behavioural therapy which has been HUGELY helpful - hard, but helpful.

After four months of continuous unwanted thoughts I am now, finally starting to see them for what they are and starting to feel more freed up. I can't recommend the treatment highly enough.

Please send me a private message if it would help to talk further. Sending loads of support your way!!

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