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Hair pulling

I have recently noticed that sometimes I seem to pull strands of my hair out when I'm anxious. I know that there is a condition that causes it, and that there are people out their that are worse than I am with it, but I am mainly asking for advice on how to stop it before it gets even worse? I'm worried that the longer I take to deal with it the harder it'll be for me to stop doing it. Another problem is that I also bit the inside of my mouth, and I bit it till it bleeds and sometimes it can be quite bad, my mum is always afraid that I'll end up with an infection, so if anyone has any advice on that as well please feel free to comment, but I have a suspicion that the biting will be harder because of the shear number of years that it's been going on.

I am still not diagnosed with OCD as I haven't been to my doctor yet, and am still debating whether it's worth trying to get a diagnosis. I also feel that some of my anxieties feel outside of OCD and into more generalised anxiety, would people feel that it's possible to have both OCD and a general anxiety disorder?

Thank you for any response to this post,

Jade :) .

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My advice is to quickly talk to a doctor. Why not? He can put your mind at rest or get you some counselling. Also ask about self referral for therapy. Get help, be well. All the best, please say how you get on in the future.


It's called Trichotillomania. I have it and it's quite hard to get rid of but if you've just started it might be easier. There are many ways to do it. 1. Get an elastic band and wear it on your wrist every time you notice you're doing it. Pull the elastic band and it pinches you, so you start to associate the pain with pulling your hair. Opinion 2. is: wear gloves even inside. It'll be harder to pull than when you don't wear gloves. Good luck! :)


Trichotillomania is caused by one or more mineral deficiencies so it would be good idea to get screened by a doctor.


I go through days where I barely do it at all and days when I'm doing it almost constantly. Obviously it increases when my anxiety increases. As I said I also bit the inside of my mouth when I'm anxious, my mum is worried I'm going to end up with an infection :/ .


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