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What type of OCD do I have?

Hello. So I've researched and I think I seem to have a certain type of OCD, by having obsessive and compulsive thoughts about peoples weight. More commonly with people who I'm close with; So a example of this is my girlfriend, if I see that she has eaten a fatty big meal or hasn't exercised on the day then I get thoughts about her gaining weight, and other time I'm still thinking about it and i start acting inappropriately such as grabbing her stomach to see if she's gained anything, or lifting her in the air to see if she feels any heavier or saying something that can be insulting to her weight . Obviously I disguise this and make it seem as if I'm being playful. I have similar thoughts when it comes to family and friends and its all I can think of when it happens and my heart rate increases and I get anxious and it builds up other time and I have to leave the room and be on my own to try and calm myself down otherwise it gets too much. Is this a type of OCD and if so how can I be treated for the future?

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Hello it must have taken a lot for you to confess how you are feeling at times. Well done on that. Have you spoken to a professional about this? I think you should and get it nipped in the bud in case it turns into a bigger problem.. I'm just going on my husband experience, try and get help with this. It did sound ocd in a way. Hope this helped in some small way but I'm not a professional and that's what I think you need.

Good luck



Like the other response I am not a professional but I do have OCD. What you could ask yourself is what is it about others gaining weight that makes you anxious, ie what you think will happen if your girlfriend gains weight? My OCD is very much around anxiety about what might happen to others if I don't say lock the door properly etc and taking responsibility for things that aren't my responsibility. So I wonder if your thoughts are about what would happen to them if they became fat and/or how that would impact you? The thoughts certainly sound intrusive and the more power and time you give the thought the more intrusive they become. I think It's worth you seeing your GP or a counsellor to assess what the underlying concern or fear might be and whether it is in fact OCD. Be reassured that you can live a good life with OCD - I've experienced OCD symptoms for 26 years and have learnt how to manage it. Best of luck with your journey and continue to be brave in sharing your thoughts. Although to some they may seem strange and illogical it doesn't mean they don't upset you and cause you anxiety.


I don't think this is OCD... It sounds like something else entirely. Certainly a psychological issue but nothing obsessive compulsive exactly.

I've had thoughts like this before (not exactly the same) and just put it down to hearing negative comments about food when I was younger. Negative influences from an early age, affecting how we think and feel as an adult.

For example, I should never have been exposed to my mothers thoughts about her weight gain in adult life. It made me have very negative thoughts about food. I actually became anorexic as a teenager and paid dearly for it as an adult.

I always found it difficult to watch people eating and hated the thought of anyone watching me eat - which is how I became anorexic. I was always funny about watching people at help themselves at buffets and barbecues. It was very difficult to watch because I'd be looking at peoples portion sizes and seeing how they were eating. I often couldn't help thinking of people as being greedy and thinking "I hope people don't see me like that" but in actual fact people are more likely to notice when you don't eat.

I was very open about it with my husband and he has been very supportive. I still have issues with it now and he will go and get me a plate of food, or he will share his with me. It's such a peculiar thought - I thought I was the only one!


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