do I have cleaning ocd

hi ive recently joined this site . im unsure if I have cleaning ocd or not . cleaning has became the highest priority in my life from the second I open my eyes im cleaning till I go to sleep to at nite .I cant leave the house without cleaning every room in the house its even got to the point were if I haven't finished cleaning b the time my kids have to leave for school they have to have the day off cos I cant physically go out without knowing everythings done but even when every room is clean I still cant sit down im constantly wiping the kitchen sides or bleaching the toilet Ive even got to the point were I wont eat a thing as I don't sit down long enuf to do so and don't like the mess that makin something to eat causes

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Hi hun I'm like that to,I'm marie 31 from Cornwall.ihave 3 son's not only do I not want to leave my home until everything done.imove house every yr I also rearrange my furniture in my home every few days. Icant stay still.I'm a single mum.I'm tired of way iam.Ild love to chillout and play with my kids.but I don't and say in the minute. Then I'm cleaning again.idont see any of my family. Icant say I've got any real mates.idid. My best friend of 25 yrs got with my baby's dad now have a baby.that was tough on me,not only that my sister married my other son's dad who now have kids so I had disown family 5sisters bcus it was hard. As they don't bother with my 9yr old.the more stress I get in my life the more my brain works over time I'm up till 3am but my 9 yr old has night time epilepsy. My 5 yr old has night terrors 2yrs old asthma.ideal I don't sleep,I'm going doctors Friday 7th Nov iwas always afraid il look mad and doctors might tell social services. Iknow now they won't my kids my home are my everything:-)but cleaning takes up all my time x


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