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Written warning

I'm havin such a bad day my boss has given me a written warning can anyone sympathise with me I'm terrible at accepting responsibility at work I think it's due to my ocd but not sure I'm constantly worrying about work and if I've done the right thing.

Does anyone else suffer like this actually it is a relief that I don't have to have the responsibility anymore but I feel that I have let my boss down.

I just can't cope if I haven't got my routine it drives me mad.

Has anyone else had this i would be very grateful to hear from you.

I just feel that I'm letting everyone down and that I'm stupid I just want to be normal thank you

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Hi Laverne,

OCD can do that to us for sure, make us seek reassurance on our work, and not want to accept responsibility.

Can I ask, does your boss know about your OCD? Have your employers offered to make any reasonable adjustments?

Regards, Ashley.


Hi I told her when she gave me the written warning but she didn't seem that bothered thank u for your reply x


HI I have just joined and seen this. I don't know if your situation is resolved now. I have had a poor experience with my employers and, to a lesser degree, my union. As Laverne says they do have to make reasonable adjustments - much debate over "reasonable" of course.

From my experience, however, I would suggest you get advice and make sure your condition is formally recognised by your GP and then employer. If they dismiss you without making "reasonable adjustments" they are liable for damages under equalities legislation. Are you in a union?


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