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Will they take my children away?

Does anyone here have any experience to share regarding the diagnosis process and being a parent?

I haven't been diagnosed yet and I'm thinking about finally biting the bullet and going to see my doctor because I am FED up of this ruling my life. But I'm petrified that they'll somehow call my abilities as a mother into question, that they'll think I'm unstable or something! I have a 20 month old little boy and I'm pregnant with my second. I don't want to do anything if it will jeopardise my family. I'd rather suffer.

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Hi there, you have no need to fear this. I have a wealth of knowledge in this area. In fact on the contrary, any educated person on OCD knows parents like us will be very caring despite the disability maybe messing with our head. I was offered a cpn in pregnancy and after birth. I have had( + presently), secondary mental health care and am always asked how i am coping with my life. I answer i am coping but it is difficult and i surround myself with good support i.e parents friends and get the necessary help or medication if i need it. Feel free to email more questions if you like. It is hard to believe people in authority e.g social workers are not there to pull families apart but thankfully the truth is they want to keep families together, i know 3 social workers in child protection. hope that helps


Hi there,

I am not a parent myself but I know of many parents with OCD and, as the above poster says, they are amongst the most caring people to care for children. If you nervous about going to the GP to ask for some help for your OCD then maybe consider speaking with OCD-UK beforehand as they can offer advice on how to broach the subject. Whilst most GPs are excellent, a few still don't understand OCD so it can be good to have the info you want to share with them beforehand so that when you get in there you know what you want to say.


I agree with other answers gt advice from OCDuk first. when I first had Pure OCD I didn't know what it was and left it too long before going to the DR but I needn't have been afraid because they started the ball rolling.OCD can help sort out the type of psychothrapy you need.


I totally agree with the other 3 posters.

I have 3 children and when I was first diagnosed 9 years ago my youngest was only 5.

You have no worries about anyone taking your children away.

As everyone have said people with OCD are one of the most caring people.

I would speak to OCDUK if you are worried on how to broach your OCD.


Thank you for your responses. It's reassured me to know that you can seek help for these things without having your parenting abilities brought into question. I should have plenty of opportunities over the next few weeks to bring the subject up with healthcare professionals. Fingers crossed.


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