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Managing pain and being able to function


Hi, I’m new to the group. I have osteoarthritis in my knees. I was also diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 13 too. I’ve been under a physiotherapist seeing him once a month for three months but finding the exercises have been aggravating my joint pain rather than easing it. I do as much walking as possible as I appreciate I need to try and get the balance right between keeping as active as possible and managing the pain. I have a walking stick issued by the physio but have been discharged today as he feels further exercise will aggravate it more. I’m on the strongest dose of codine and anti inflammatory tablets too. I have good days and bad with the pain. I am making sure I am keeping my weight down and take the minimal amount of pain meds each day depending on the pain. Any other tips for managing osteoarthritis on a daily basis?

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Hi Summerain

I am sorry you are struggling and having Osteoarthritis myself I do sympathise. However this Forum is for people with PMR and GCA

I think you would have more help from the Osteoarthritis Form

Take care

lowraind in reply to EdithWales

At the top of the page, it does say Osteoarthritis Action. I am not sure what you are objecting to.

EdithWales in reply to lowraind

I am so sorry lowraind. You are quite right and I don’t know how I got your post because I am PMR/GCA

I will find out what has gone wrong


Welcome to the group, Summerrain14, I am sorry you are having a hard time with your diagnosis of Osteoarthritis and Lupus. You are correct in continuing to walk and stay active, medication tends to alleviate the pain for a while, but may not last as long as we may need. I did come across an article that may be of benefit to you. I hope this helps or atleast put you on the right track.

I too have OA in both knees and find exercise really makes them swell. I've had cortisone injections in both knees and this no longer works for me. My consultant tells me I need a total knee replacement in my left knee but seems reluctant to do it as I'm 47. I've been on various pain meds as I have inflammatory arthritis too. These have not helped at all. At times I've used crutches and a mobility scooter when really bad. I've been participating in a clinical trail for a product called Flexiseq. This is already available to buy. I've got to say this has really eased some of my stiffness in my joints and the pain. It's drug free too so I don't worry about other meds. Maybe you could look into this. I also go to the pool and walk round rather than swim as this really helps get the exercise without putting pressure on the joints. I don't know if this might be an option for you. I hope this helps you a little.

P. S. If you send Flexiseq a message they may give you a free sample. My friend did and she received a tube to try.

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47, why would he let your age get in the way?

mickys1504 in reply to Hidden

Some surgeons in UK are like that. I've heard people having to fight to get on the waiting lists for total knee replacement. It's unfair especially if it's effecting every day life but it happens. I won't be leaving it at that I'm seeing him again. This time I'll be better prepared for him 👍

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Yes keep at them until they sort you out. I wish you well.

mickys1504 in reply to Hidden

Thank you I will be doing 😁.

Batty1 in reply to Hidden

I got the same story im too young for knee replacement (49) It has something to do with the knee wearing out in 20 yrs and needing to redo replacement, basically they want younger people to be inactive get very unhealthy while they wait to turn 70 so all your good years are behind you....honestly the medical field rational behind knee replacement is backwards in my opinion.

My husband's aunt who is 84 just had knee replacement last year and still can't walk and now they are doing a hip's insane.


Turmeric and black pepper capsules can help, but don't use if you are on any blood thinners. Also, tiger balm is really good.

Hi there. I was diagnosed with OA Last Summer. I have found 3000mg CBD oil to be a lifesaver. Side effects of opioids and painkillers are horrible. The CBD seems to manage the pain. I take it twice a day.

Just to support the other comments. It is possible that you might get some relief if you investigate the following: pycnogenol, hyaluronic acid, allicin liquid, Co-enzyme Q10, Solgar Female Multiple. May be others. Also you could look at WDDTY on google, and to see if ther eis anything there. Further afield you could look at Dr Sircus IMVA and search the NCBI NIH websites. Hope this may be useful.

Yes CBD does help; remember everyone is different.

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