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What you expect, tends to be realised

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Here are a few rules of the mind. So you can help yourself, empower yourself to rewire and unlearn. And importantly, create a powerful imagination that lights you up.

*What you expect tends to be realised - this reminds us of the old adage - be careful what you wish for. Pay attention to how you language things, including how to speak about yourself to others.

*The mind likes the familiar - so interrupt the pattern by doing something unfamiliar. Then you create new habits. New grooves.

*The mind want to move you from pain towards pleasure - why so many addictions are rife in our modern societies.

*Your mind always does what it thinks you want to do

*Your mind responds to pictures in your head. We actually have place and time neurons. Meaning we can change and edit memory. Remember. Memory is not an exact recording. It is a reassembly. This is very powerful to know when it comes to healing from trauma.

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