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Why it's so key to breathe through your nose


In 1992, there was an award given to a certain molecule.

And the award goes to.........NITRIC OXIDE.

We are designed to breathe though the nose, with the mouth as an emergency back up. Within our own nose - there lives the nasal concha. So the air we breathe can turbinate and this is the action that increases levels of nitric oxide (NO).

Why is this important? Because NO is a key vasodilator. So important in the regulation of healthy blood pressure for one thing. And also in our clarity of thought. Insufficient oxygen and NO will result in cognitive decline.

Rising link between sleep apnoea and dementia as an example.

So, don't be a mouth breather (in case you have watched Stranger Things!).

Mouth softly sealed, inhaling evenly in and out through the nose.

The brain learns through repetition so be kind in changing habits.

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Thank you for this WhollyAligned, I will try to remember to breathe through my nose instead of my mouth.

WhollyAlignedAdministrator in reply to Rachmaninov2

Practise it and so it will be. the brain learns through repetition.

You are right, I will. 🙂

I've been struggling with this a bit due to seasonal allergies. Yoga and stuffy nose do not seem to be very compatible, and yet I am frequently stuffy despite allergy medication. Is there anything that I can do to make this better?

WhollyAlignedAdministrator in reply to Slytherin_Librarian

A great start is to notice your breath quality more. And also consider what other things make it worse e.g environments/foods/alcohol. Focus on the 6/6 breathing. All comes with practise. If it's helpful, use this for 20 minutes guided practise. buzzsprout.com/246643/3199480

Thank you for the link WhollyAligned.

Recommend reading the book Breath by James Nestor and you will decide to never breathe through your mouth again. Great book linking up to date research and also ancient wisdom on breathing through your nose. Also looks at how this affects asthma and other breathing conditions,

Thank you for the information Myddlewoman, I have hayfever and also a diffused septum in my nose which I believe has got me into the habit of breathing through my mouth since I was a child.

WhollyAlignedAdministrator in reply to Rachmaninov2

The most recent posts on here will be helpful for you too. e.g the Breath book review and the podcast with Ben Wolff. And follow where that leads you to. The willingness to explore our habituated patterns and beliefs.

Thank you.

WhollyAlignedAdministrator in reply to Myddlewoman

Yes, you might like read the book review I did for that. It's on a post here.