Up and at 'em

Happy New Year! I was up late at our Singles party, but was home by 11:40. There were only 3 of us left and the dominoes game was done, so we just left. I toasted in the year with water & then watched a dumb movie-that I can't even remember anything about now.

People were lighting off fireworks until about 1 am, then we had strong winds yesterday & last night and I could hear my empty trash can being blown about & scraping on the driveway all night. So I slept in late, read some of my time-travel romance book, and had some breakfast.

My friend just called & we wished each other a good year. She's been busy helping her sister recover from surgery, and I've missed her so much.

Ah, my dryer just wailed so must go get the clothes out before they wrinkle.

I'm feeling pretty good today, but I'm a bit cold, so will enjoy the heat of the dryer & the warm clothes.

Have a great year.

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Funny .. ahahha


Btw, you never mention if you burnt your breakfast or not :)


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