Job Centre Visit

Job Centre Visit

How I love my fortnightly visits to the job centre. NOT lol. So I go in and arrive ten minutes before my time of signing and then wait 10 mins after my time with no seat to perch on. To be fair it must be a thank less task trying to stay cheerful from their side of the desk but they should try mine. Cant wait for the new comedy about working in a job centre. God knows there isnt much to laugh about it mine. Anyway good news still losing weight slowly with WW and my daughter has lost 5 stone. I am so proud of both of my daughters and pray to god that they never get RA. Still must nt grumble eh. I had a great night out Friday dancing well I call it dancing and was in agony all Saturday with my joints but boy it was worth it. Take care all of you. I am now going to try to upload a photo of my cat Blue. Bye for now

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  • lovely cat and well done on weight loss x

  • Thank you summer.

  • What a gorgeous cat, Well done!! xx

  • Thank you shirlthegirl.

  • I love your cat. I used to have two for over fifteen years, but living alone in a flat cannot manage to look after a pet now. Keep up the good work at WW. X

  • Thanks for your comments.

  • Well done for losing weight and the same for your daughter. I am doing rosemary conley and i have lost a stone so far. Job centres are souless places aren't they. Love the

  • Wow well done on losing a stone. Its taken me ages to get this far but its worth it.

  • I have 2 cats. Reggie and Concrete

    So very well done on the weight loss. I'm envious


  • Oh what great cat names. Our cat was already named when we got him hence Blue. He is more grey than blue lol. Thanks for the nice weight loss comments.

  • Your cat is beautiful he looks so contended

  • Yes he is very contented and happy.

  • I'm an animal lover too, I have two dogs. I'm retired now but I do remember. What those places were like. Someone else on this site called them soulless and that is exactly what they are. You did really well standing for so long. I remember one time IWAS in Asdas and I just HAD to sit.of course there are no seating areas in supermarkets so I asked a young man who was stocking shelves to ler me sit on the boxes of tin beans! Good luck anyhow and all the best.x

  • Yes they are soulless. I like the idea of sitting on boxes of beans in Asda. Lol

  • I sit on the elephants feet the staff use to stand on...xx

  • Loving your cat well done on the losing weight i need to but can't stop the chocolate !xx

  • You can still have chocolate on WW but have to count it. I went a bit made over Easter but am back on track now.

  • I know i just don't like counting the cals. I will have to start!! You look fabulous in your pic xx

  • Oh thank you for the compliment youve made my name.

  • Your welcome x

  • Well thankfully I haven't been to one but going to citizens advice feels like you describe!! Love the beautiful picture , she looks so comfy it's making me jealous !! Well done on. The weight loss. Xxxx

  • Thank you allanah.

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