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A little helping hand possibly ( sorry this is only relevant in uk )

i am fortunate to still be able to work altho when flaring it's absolute hell I don't honestly know how much longer I will be able to though, today i heard a hopefully helpful piece of advice. even if helps one person it's worth the blog ,if you are off work with one of the many ailments on here please call your electric company and see if you qualify for warm home discount ,it's separate from government fuel payments and different companies have different qualifying criteria but if you don't ask you don't get ( as my mum used to say ) it's £120 towards your years bill and you can possibly get it if a relative you live with is on a benefit and you help care for them , and I know only too well what havoc winter plays with our joints and how high our bills are , having this will make a lot of people less scared to turn up the heating and stay well this year ,

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Thanks Emilia, thats useful as we have had the heating on a lot this past week. Will check it out when everyone gets up. Its silly o'clock in the morning and i'm downstairs,but i managed to stay in bed longer and had a better sleep than i've been having.



Here's the link to Directgov with all the information.



Pleased ur X-ray went well sylvie I can't thank you enough for your posts along with the others on this site , I have felt really down about my illness and with the pain it's nearly driven me mad but reading the blogs on here is a real breath of fresh air I can see other people going thru everything I am and the advice is amazing as is the humour I so nearly spat my drink out when reading the hairy armpits blog I was crying with laughter at some of it once again thank you for helping me and making me smile


We have to laugh emilia otherwise what would we be like. I find huour a good tool when we are suffering and i'm good at saying one thing and meaning another thing altogether.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi there, my husband got onto his gas/electric company but they wouldn't give us the discount as I don't receive one of the qualifying benefits! Apparently DLA doesn't count! How strange. LavendarLady x


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