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A bit sore today

My brother Doug & his family (wife & 5 kids-ages 8-13) was in town for 2 days after Christmas and he wanted to go to the park one day and we walked all over, then yesterday we drove to Omaha (60 miles away) to walk all over the zoo. We also ate at his favorite Italian buffet restaurant-twice! So I overdid it on food and noise and walking, and now I'm paying for it.

I could just feel my toes curling up in my shoes yesterday, and we ate on a weird schedule-which threw my med times off. Today my back is hurting, my hands are a bit stiff, my knees are creaking, and I have a headache.

I also mentioned divinity yesterday, on the drive home, and now my Dad wants us to make it, NOW, and doesn't want to hear that I need time to myself today. If I don't go over, he'll put pecans into all of it, and I just don't like many nuts-especially pecans & walnuts. I believe that they affect my RA, and I don't like their taste either. I do like almonds, cashews, and pistachios, mmmmmm.

Well, getting a late start to the day; I think a shower will help, then I need to make a couple of phone calls, then I can face whatever else the day may bring. Have a wonderful day.


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Christine, take as much rest as you can when you can. Do a bit rest a bit see where i'm going. Get as much help as you can,tell dad to find you a stool so you can sit while helping him cook. Make sure you take all your meds as well.

When the festive season is over then you must rest and recover and be kind to yourself.

Have a lovely new year.



Rest up now.. put those feet in a nice bowl of hot water and relaaaax!


Hi Christine. Hope you have had time to have a rest and a good soak in the bath. I find heat pads help if my back is bothering me and putting your feet up for a while also helps as well. I do find walking finishes me off as does standing around for any length of time. You can actually see me drooping!

What is divinity? It sounds like a cake of some sort with your mention of pecan nuts.

Nuts also are very good for you with the oils they contain. I find pecans taste too much like walnuts which i don't like. Brazil nuts are lovely and oily as are almonds, pine nuts (sprinkled on cereals etc). I also love cashews and pistachios but find getting pistachios out of their shells really tricky and likely to end up with a broken nail!

Have a good and quiet New Year and get as much rest as you can. Get your family to do the chores instead whilst you put your feet up. Love LavendarLady x


Hi LL, divinity is sugar, cornsyrup, water, & salt-melted & poured over 2 egg whites beaten stiff, then beat more & add vanilla & beat it until it has peaks & loses it's gloss. It is super sweet & oh so good. Nuts can be added also.

Unfortunately, I live alone so I have to do all the chores. I let them go undone too often, then I get so far behind that I can't stand it & then I spend all day cleaning up & then...it's a vicious & never-ending cycle.

We are having uncommonally warm weather, we had 55 today and tomorrow they say could be 60! We will end out the year very nice. We have some bushes budding already, that's not going to be good when it does get cold.

Oh, I know just what you mean about drooping, I did it at the zoo. Of course, I was powerfully hungry too & that helps me to perk up, most times.

I got an e-mail yesterday about a Singles party to ring in the New Year. We eat & talk & play dominoes until late. Last time it took me a day to recover, I hope that I don't have that reaction this time. I can't wait to put 2011 behind, it was a rough year.

Happy New Year, 2012.



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