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Medical assesment

Hi, I got diagnosed with RA about 8 months ago. At the end of January I got made redundant and at the same time got changed meds from mtx to Sulphasalazine and also in court constantly to fight for custody of my children as they live with their father so im going through alot of social worker assesments. I went to the specialist and my GP and got signed off with constant flare ups< depression and stress. Iv now had a letter from the HMRC and have to go for a medical assesmant at the end of the month> Has anyone signed off been for one of these? What does it Entail? Iv never been for one before as previously have worked all my life. Im worried about it can anyone help please? Im 27yrs old. Thankyou

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You seem to have so much stress just now, it must be completely exhausting!

I do hope someone can help you with the assessment.

In the meantime it might be worth putting together any evidence you have to support you in the event of a face to face interview.

I think the CAB will help you if you need some expert advice and support.

Hope everything starts to get sorted out for you medically and with your children.

Good luck!


Thank you Phoebe I just don't know what to expect because they seem to be cracking down on people so hard at the moment even the ones that genuinely have a medical problem xx


I know! And it is the genuinely ill that feel the most stressed isn't it? And there is nothing worse for RA than too much stress!


I know I am finding that stress makes me flare worse as well as causing my eczema to spread like wild fire. Struggling to sleep and think its all just down to worry.


Sadly everyone is getting labelled as being idle when some of us are genuenly ill. The scroungers and yes there plenty of who get everything they want so evereyone of us has to go through it too. As has been said see cab.xx


Hi there

I am currently signed off and have recently been for a medical assessment, it lasted about 20 mins, I was asked how I managed on a daily basis did I need help with my personal care ie washing dressing etc. I don't need help at the moment. .I was asked what medication I was on how long I had been ill. I was then asked to do some physical movements stretching my arms out and up, lifting my leg. It was not stressful but I didn't think from what they asked they could asses my ability to work. I took my sick note from my GP stating I was unfit for work. Needless to say I have been placed in the group considered potentially capable of some work with the right support.My GP told me to appeal as I am not capable of working and he would support me. It is a nuisance but it seems everyone is failing and having to go though the appeals process.

Try not to worry I know you have a lot of stress at the moment just go with the flow and appeal if you have to.

Good luck

Love Lorraine xx


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