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Was just wondering if anyone knows whether you can do physio theripy for RA? Im on mxt which does help but past few months iv been in a fair bit of pain and my movement of my joints has just gone i struggle to move certain muscles and things like that like i used to before i got RA iv been told to ask about physio but just wanted to see if anyone knows whether thats allowed before i ask my consultant and look an idiot haha

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  • Hi I've got ra as well at moment I'm at physio and getting accupuncture to help with my pain,go for 3rd session tomorrow I think it's hellping a little bit

  • Thats great thank you, i just wanted to check if you was able to to physio before i booked in at the hospital, theyve never mentioned it but a friend told me to ask just to see if it helps get better movement back as my wrists are the worst for not moving anymore

  • Normally when you are first diagnosed, the Rheumy refers you to physio and occupational therapy (OT). They will assess you and give you advice about protecting your joints, moving and handling, exercising to keep the joint mobile and to keep your muscles maintained. They can advise about suitable gadgets and medical support (compression gloves, splints, etc.). Sometimes the waiting list for these services takes some time depending on where you are in the country. Hope you get sorted soon?

  • Iv had it for three years now and never been advised for physio, i asked about a splint once as my wrists are always bad and my fingers have got to the point where its cronic damage but they said people with RA shouldnt have splints as it restricts movement. I should have had an appointment through by now but heard nothing so gonna phone tomoz and ask about physio when i see my consultant. Thank you

  • Gosh, you've never had a phsyio or IT referral in 3 years - that's certainly long over due! I wear wrist splints to work sometimes when the wrist pain is at it's worst and I find that it keeps my wrist and hand in proper alignment but take them off when I'm home relaxing in the evening. I wear my compression gloves when the finger joints are at their worst, again I don't wear them continuously. I seem to be more clumsy these days and easily whack a sore joint by accident - wearing the gloves seems to remind me to be careful thus preventing me catching and knocking swollen joints. You learn to distinguish between the different pain levels and when to support and protect versus when to gently stretch and flex the arms, wrists and fingers. I find regularly moving and using the joints makes them less stiff.

  • Braecoon is absolutely right... You need the referral to a professional physiotherapist and occupational therapist who work with clients with RD. Good luck, cheers Doreen

  • If your local physio department has a hydrotherapy pool, that might be good to try. You do your exercises with a physio & a helper in lovely bath temperature water (not freezing like a swimming pool.) I found it really helped with pain & stiffness & the benefit was lasting - didn't just disappear when the course was finished.

    Make sure you don't get stuck with a 'no pain, no gain' kind of exercise Nazi - that's the exact opposite to the approach that's needed.

  • Physio helps to keep you moving and gentle exercise is good for RA. I'm sure there's a nras leaflet on their website. It's impor to keep moving

  • Hi Emma88,

    As Cathie mentioned above, we do have a section on our website on exercise and it includes videos of simple, gentle exercises that you can do at home however please always consult with your GP or rheumatology team before starting anything new.

    Kind regards


  • Yeah im going to see about getting in with my consultant and see what he says about it

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