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Beeper here. I,m not going to go on about my situation, I'll save that for next year. Just wanted to wish everyone a great new year and look on the bright side. I plan to go and see the gadget show live? Went this year and it was great. Also planing to go on a murder mystery week end, start my own business and get my work published on to ebooks, so look out for them, will tell you when I put them on amazon. I hope if I keep myself busy life can only get better. It doesn't have to be things that you have to move or walk about doing, just things to get the mind working and off the pain. Chin up, chest out and best wheel forward if I'm on my scooter. All the best to you all out there.

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Beeper, my mu used to say shoulders back tits out. It was also good for the posture. Hope you have every thing you wished for the new year comes true. I wish you a very happy new year.



Beeper, that does sound like a very ambitious schedule for the year! Best wishes for a year of successes! XXLoret


Tee hee I like your mum's saying thanks for that Sylvi! I think it's great that you are setting yourself all these goals Beeper as long as you don't feel bad if you can't quite live up to any of them. Cheers, Tilda x


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