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Happy 2012

Hi All

like most of you, I've had to pace myself - well trying my best as I have had a full, but enjoyable & tiring christmas. When I have over done it, I have had to rest the next day as is customary your joints complain. On top of it, I have to still put up with the mtx tablets and nausea etc they bring, despite taking increased folic acid, I am still experiening the unsettling of stomach, queeziness, but at least the diarrheoa has stopped.

At present I am trying to rest as today is mtx and I have now taken all 6 tablets and already I can feel my stomach starting (just need to hold on until tomorrow when, I can take the first of my folic acid).

Did really well in regards to pressies got lots of useful presents from family and hubby indulged my pre christmas spending & sales, so I am really happy about that.

Just got one more lot of entertaining to get through. Have a friend staying over for the new year celebrations. Bought lantern to release this year, so kids are looking forward to that. Eldest is going to Camden to see fireworks with friends. A little worried that he will not make it back home tomorrow night as its a long way back to Essex, but he is growing up so most remember not to be over protective.

Made the decision to stay at home this year for family hols as my disease is not yet fully managed. To this end booked a wk in devon in August for the family - felt guilty as since being diagnosed, we've not been any where, as I have been to ill.

Just wanted to say have a good new year celebration.

Take care, c u in 2012

Sci xxx

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I relate to so much of this Sci - the not having booked a holiday because of being unwell and uncertainty etc and the 6 MTX tablets viewed with dread - although I have none of your side effects I'm very relieved to say but have upped the folic acid to an additional two as my GP was fine about this and I feel I want to stave off hair loss if possible. The bit about teen son rings home.. my sister's teen kids go to Camden a lot because they live in North London suburbs.

One of my sons is back in his Edinburgh flat tonight so he can do Hogmanay with his Glaswegian girlfriend and I've learnt to not fret unduly about him - although he got attacked a few months ago by a nutter on his way home from uni badminton training. Middle son is out tonight after playing with his band again, he's listening to another young band and getting food courtesy of the pub for playing at a fundraising event for nothing. Hope he's not home late as i don't really settle to sleep until he's home i find. Youngest (14) went with hubby to hear them for the first time and loved it.

I'm in bed nursing the start of a cold I caught off oldest - sore throat, raised temp and shivery, unwell feeling but I know what it is and how long it will probably last at least and haven't been ill with virus for over a year now so can't really complain! And I've been using my stress ball a lot tonight as it does seem to make my hands much stronger and I can almost bend my fingers into a hook now so I think it must be working well for me - either that or the MTX is working but that seems less likely somehow as I've only just taken a full dose. Take care and you can look forward to a lovely warm (hopefully) holiday in the summer now! Happy New Year to you Sci! Tilda x


Hi Tilda

You are so lucky not to experience any side affects. I don't think you will experience any hair loss now as that happens usually within 2-3 wks of taking mtx as it is a cytotoxic drug (kills cells).

Thanks for you words of encouragement.

I hope you see the benefits of mtx soon.

Happy 2012

Cheers Sci x


Hi Sci queen.I was on mtx tablets for over three years .I used to have to psyche myself up to take them.I took them on Sunday with my evening meal.It got to be so bad that the mere sight of them in the bottle made me feel nauseaus.I learned through NRAS that Mtx could be given in injection form.I enquired at my next rheumy appt and have been on the injections for about 18 months now.I do not suffer any side effects and the nausea is a thing of the past.

Do ask about the injections as your body gets the full dose as they are not funnelled through your tummy as the tablets are.xxx



Due to start mtx injections in January after training sessions in about 2 - 3 wks. Christmas has put it back slightly. I'm at the docs on the 4th, may enquire to have the injections done at the surgery by nurse until I am trained as I am feeling rotten again and have to entertain later.

Thanks for you suggestions have a good NY celebrations

Cheers Sci xx


My dear sci,you never stop worrying about your children what ever age they are. I have my 25yr old working in the carribean since september and he won't be back unitl march this is the first time he's been away at xmas,then my 27yr old was working in the soar xmas day 10-2pm so it was a strange xmas al round. They never stop being your children and you never stop being a mum, so don't beat yourself up about it.

Yes see about injections as they are a lot easier to take,one prick and your done!!!! Not that i would know at the moment i haven't had mine for two weeks now due to antbioutics and i'm feeling the difference already.

Since i've been on the injections we haven't been abroad,several reasons really,1, not sure how we would go on at the airport with the needles and all the drugs i have to take with me.2, i like the sun and nowadays my body can't take the heat,and 3,its such hard work just to go holiday in this country let alone going abroad. With staying in this country there will be no language barrier to overcome if anything does go wrong.

I'm so pleased that you are managing to go away,what part of devon are you going to? we are going to cornwall again,but further down the coast.

Well my friend you have a lovely holiday and a good new year,see you on the other side.

Love sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi

you are right in regards to the kids.

Wrote so much to you that I cut and pasted and put it into a new blog - see happy 2012 update.

Have you noticed any improvement as yet with your pneumonia? hopefully you will have.

I hope you get well soon,

Happy 2012 my friend

Sci x


Hi Sci

Totally agree with the others about the injections.I didn't have any training,ijust went to rhuemy clinic once, injected myself to show them i could do it and was then handed injections for a month and a sharps box !

Have a great new year

Julie x



Cheers Julie - here hoping I can start them soon! see blog happy 2012 update.

Sci x


The injections are so easy to do girls. Its a piece of cake as they say.

Sylvi. xx


Hope 2012 is a good year.. Devon is a great spot for a holiday xx


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