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Temperatures rising - suddenly dont like the words to that song!


As some of u know I have broken up from work for easter. Am meant to b having some quality time away with my oh. Off to do some walking in and around cheddar gorge. But I feel rubbish. Have been fighting some mouth ulcers and sore throat for a couple of days now but they r spreading and I feel much worse now. Temperature is starting to creep up and involuntary shakes have taken over.

So im off to bed with last lot of paracetamol 4 the day and difflam spray for the ulcers and throat. Hopefully a gd night sleep with make me feel new again.

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I hope when you geyt up in the morning you feel better.xxx


Could you just be really really shattered, working hard and now you think I will relax and your body seems to think it is time to have a rest. HOpefully a good nights sleep, the thought of a new environment, maybe not too much walking, you decide how much energy you can spend will be the thoughts that get the energy restarted.

Really hope the pain relief works and you are able to enjoy the change of scene. Maybe don't do too much walking but alot of nice tender care.

I am off for a week as well, looking forward to spending time not watching time - that wake up call has been a major problem all week.


Oh dear poor you hope things are improved this morning? I went round the Cheddar Gauge 24 years ago to the month as part of our honeymoon. We stayed somewhere nearby and I woke in first morning with a rageing sore throat and remember wandering round the gauge sucking throat pastels and trying hard to ignore the horrible build up to a heavy cold so it must be something in the air there?

Rest up and let your body dictate the terms - you don't want to go back to school in a mess this is your much needed break!

Tilda x

Hope you feel better today and will be able to go on your walk x

Morning, managed bout 5 hours sleep and feel bit better for it although temperature is still slightly raised.

Im going to get myself ready and head to my friendly pharmacist for her advice (her mum is on mtx for ra so she is well clued up).

I will take it easy, mayb the change of scenery will do me the world of gd. Thanks for the kind words of support.

Hope you feel much better soon and manage to get out and about. Sending gentle hugs. Love Janet xxx


It is important you do get that pharmacists advice on this, I HAD a similar problem will pm you x

Hi , i use to suffer badly with mouth ulcers about 12 in my mouth at one time, i went to see my friendly doctor who suggested i could be defishcent in B12 so he did a blood test and there it was postive so i now have injections for B12 every six weeks as my body dosent obsorbe it like other ppls does. don't know if its worth you checking it out its just a thought , I to back then was on metx and hydrex. now that i have the injections no more mouth ulcers .

Hope you feel better soon.



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