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And So It Begins

GGGRRRR!!! So angry. I've had my notification of housing benefit through and have had the bedroom tax levied as I live in a small 2 bedroom house.

My daughter has just moved out (Hurrah!) but as I don't have a full time carer living with me I am not exempt.

I explained that my condition is variable and that from time to time someone will have to come and stay but, naturally, this does not count. It looks as though I will have to conjure up a spare £14.08 a week from my incapacity benefit to make up the shortfall.

I've asked for an application form for discretionary payments to be made, especially and there is a strong likelihood of further surgery required.

Has anyone else had this? I could do with a bit of advice.


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Aww Judy I am no help, I haven't experienced this. Dreadful situation, its a pity you can't get anyone to listen to you, this is just an awful thing. I send you all the hope I can that someone somewhere will come up with a solution to stop you having to pay out.


I've been having a look back about the surgery you've had & the long recuperation period etc. I would guess that you will be able to make a very good case that you need the spare room for helpers from time to time and that moving would entail considerable stress and hardship that would adversely impact on your condition as would any reduction in benefits. Re. the discretionary payments, having RA you are probably very familiar with the obnoxious way that scarce resources are allocated these days i.e. that making a noise in an articulate & confident fashion helps enormously as does prompt and determined form filling etc.

I think this is one of the shakier measures that have recently been introduced and is likely to be subject to modification before too long. If you can threaten publicity then that might be all to the good - depends on whether you'd be okay with the local rag or local radio portraying you as a victim the way they tend to.

This bloody thing is not going to affect me as far as I know but it manages to make me froth at the mouth nonetheless so I can only imagine how you must be feeling.

Luce xx


You must appeal against the decision and you should be able to get it


I suppose its worth going onliine to the usual - who is your MP? CAB might be able to give advice but I think you may be among the first to go through this.

It probably isnt any consolation but there are demonstrations here in Edinburgh and in Glasgow over the weekend and if there are any leaflets which might give relevant advice I'll be sure to pick them up and put info on the site.

I think that intermittent use of 'spare' bedrooms is precisely where this measure is going to be most controversial and unfair. We dont need this do we.



Its appalling Judy - I agree with others. Use your articulate way to appeal against this ridiculous tax and I hope you win hands down for yourself and everyone who is similarly affected. Xxxxxx


Thanks for your support everyone. I will definitely outline the long and tricky recuperation period from surgery and the proposals for future surgery.

My family (siblings) all live so far away that I feel that it is important for me medically, emotionally and socially to be able to have them to stay, particularly as I am finding it more and more difficult to travel the long distance myself.

I could understand it if I was rattling around in a mansion but honestly, one extra room in a very small house - really? Apart from that, what a terrible waste of money it will have been fitting me a wet room.

I'm actually on a waiting list for a bungalow but surprisingly few of them have bathroom adaptations.

Ah well.......I shall fight the good fight. Never give up!

Judy x


If a second bedroom is 7ft x 9ft or less it is classed as a box room. They dont tell us that do they ! Good luck.


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