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flare up!!!

hi everyone i no its been awhile since ive been on here but i started back to work fulltime in january and its been a struggle trying to carry on as normal, to cut a long story short i was in agony on thurs night after doing a ten hour shift( even though i told them i couldnt manage that!) my knee was on fire anyways ended up in a&e for 6 hours to be diagonsed with maybe a flare in my knee. I have to say ive never felt pain like it, now have a leg splint and cruthches & each day its getting better but im now wondering whether i should cut my hours down cause its really not worth the hassle im not sure what if anything i would be entitled to, applied for dla in december but got refused itwould it be to see if they could give me any help worth going to cab. hope everyone is doing well & im glad that i got that of my chest & also my father in law died the saturday before just wondered if it couldve stemmed from there. michelle :) x

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Michelle appeal, you need help and then you might be able to cut your hours. Also your company can be sued for not taking into account your disablilty. Have a look into


Michelle i feel for you. I can only echo what sylvi has said x



Michelle I think the days of 10 hr shifts are over, I had to give them up, you are covered at work by the DDA so your employer should make reasonable adjustment. However I realise that does not always happen, You should seek advice at CAB to appeal.

Good luck

Lorraine x


thanks guys :) x


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