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menopause and ra

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hi all i am getting really fed up trying to cope with ra meds and hot flushes they seem to appear out of nowhere gp gave me lots of details about hrt and other possibilities does anyone else take hrt in top of sulpha and hydrochloroqine?

19 Replies
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I used to until i was taken off hrt due to being on it too long. I never sweated once until i came off it.There are a lot of help out there for the menopause. Dont rule out hrt as it can be very good. Speaking from experience it was the worst thing i did coming off hrt. I was not as bad as i am now. Get as much info as you can on both hrt and other thing to help overcome the side effects of the menopause. Some people find hrt is for them other finds herbal or other stuff right for them. sylvia.xx

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hi sylvi thanks will do. i think my main worry is adding more drugs to my body but the hot sweats have really started being more than a nuisance! so will keep researching before making a decision thanks sue

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Hi I. Been on hrt for three years the doc has just put them up as

I am getting really bad hot sweat night and day don't rule them out

As all meds what suits one might not suit another good luck Karen x

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thanks karen

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thanks karen

have you chhecked your ra meds side effect leaflets to see if they mention raised body temperature/ flushing? x

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hi summer no not yet but will do although i was getting the hot flushes before i started my meds but they are now worse so will check the info sue

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I take Hydroxy and Sulpha (and MTX, and NSAIDS, and folic, and statins, and stomach protectors) and am on HRT as well as had v bad menopause effects. Yes, you rattle a bit but I just couldn't cope with the menopause as well as RA! And the hormones in HRT are quite closely related to steroids, so I'm convinced that they do actually help me in other ways too as have less joint pain when I'm taking them then when I'm not. Not scientifically proven, but my GP reckons she knows other women who have less joint pain on HRT so is happy that I keep taking them for the moment. Once I get to 5 years on HRT we'll think again as the risks in first few years are not particularly high. Polly

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thanks Polly thats good to know. i am warming to the idea of hrt as i have just about had enough of the hot flushes thanks sue

Hello, this is interesting as I've been wondering if RA and the menopause could be connected I know RA can strike at any age...younger people and men, but from what I've read it seems to hit a lot of women around menopausal age...possibly could be due to the hormone changes??

I've recently been hit by "sweats" since starting MTX recently, I spoke to my Rheumy nurse who was helpful but couldn't offer much explanation..saying it could be the meds, the RA, possible start of menopause, she advised to keep an eye on it though.

Hope things improve for you soon.

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hi maddie Thanks yes i also tbought there could be a connection but not sure. still havent decided whether to take hrt or just carry on wiling it all to go away! whuch it probably wont.

I'm in my 13th year of HRT and would kick some if I had to come off. I had mine through having a total hysterectomy (they take all the bits & pieces), so went from one day with hormones to nothing, I was on a low dose to start with then moved to higher, which I still take. The HRT that you given after a total is different type to the ones if you still have your ovaries. As far as I am concerned it's my lifeline, and before it I was adamant I would not take it, now don't you dare take it away from me.

After all these years and along with the meds I take for PsA, I am having to take blood pressure tablets, but whose to tell if that would not have happened in the first instance. As to the increase in types of cancer, I know more women who never took HRT who have had cancer than those that took it have not. I think really it boils down to personal preference.

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hi i think i will have to do some serious thinking whether to take the plunge for hrt otr put up with it! although on top if the ra its making everything worse

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before HRT i was on no blood pressure tablets, a little while taking them i ended up on three blood pressure tablets. When the doc wanted to give me a fourth tablet i said no more , i came off the HRT and put up with the hot flushes, everyone knew when i was having a flush as would go red in the face. So have a good long think before you decide.


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Hi Chris, I think that is the decision I've come too, will wait a while unless it becomes absolutely desperate. Thanks Sue

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I have been going thou the menopause now for 8 years, i have had it really bad, i am not on the tablets as they gave me heart palpitations which was really horrible, So they put me on the patches, it took years to get it right, i didn't have any hot flushes for at least a year and then i got the RA, Since then i have had 4 injections and have been on methotrexate and hydroxy and i have had a lot more hot flushes, i was told that steroid injections can interfere with a women cycle, so i wasn't surprised that after a year i had a period this week after having a steroid injection in my knee last week, I really had no choice but to go on HRT, I was only getting 2 hours sleep a nite if i was lucky, the feeling of insects running over my body was a nite mare, How sometimes i wish i was a man lol, My husband brought me a air conditioning unit, i also had 3 fans around the bed, one above and 2 either side, my poor hubby thought there was a hurricane bless him Take care XXX

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HI, that all sounds horrendous, not nice for you, I think at the moment I am still debating HRT but I am nowhere near like you, maybe I will wait a while until I am really desperate. Sue

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I have been on HRT for 11 years following a hysterectomy, I had been feeling absolutely terrible, within 3 days I felt marvellous. I take a low dose of Climaval and would not be without it doc keeps saying I should come off but why there is enough to cope with the bloody RA.I am keeping going with it as long as I can. See how you go but don't suffer too long you can always come off it.

Love Lorraine xx

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thanks lorraine that was one my gp mentioned will read up on it sue

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