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Injections !!

Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well,

I have had an appointment to see my rheumy nurse next wednesday to start mxt injections, as i have a lot of trouble with reflux she thinks that would be better for me, also my GP has lowered my sulfa so i have been having a lot of flare ups lately.

I dont mind any injection but when it comes to doing it to myself aaahhh!!!

Any advice would be most welcome, Wendy xx

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Hi Wendy , same with me I have a hiatus hernia that is usually fine but lately playing up causing reflux after increasing to 20mg tablets , so like you i am starting injections. I go Friday!! :( I put a blog on the other day and everybody says its a case of getting used to it and you just do ...everybody was very positive about being on it and the good effects, so hey Im sure we'll be fine...For people like you and me the injections are a must as completely by pass the stomach - will let you know how I get on Friday , look out for my blog . Take care love Claire xx


Thank you, hope you get on ok on Friday, i'm sure you will. I will look forward to your next blog.


I started to inject MTX September 2011. I had the choice of doing it myself or attend hospital on a Wednesday morning for them to do it. I decided to do it myself. Even though I live just over a mile away from my hospital I didn't want to be tied to having to go there every week.. Healthcare at Home do my deliveries and up to now I haven't had a problem.

A nurse came to my home, we had a talk about things and then she asked if I wanted to do it. I thought I might of been given something to practice on first, but no, it was just do it. I plucked up courage and injected it and I was amazed that I didn't feel a thing. It really is easy, once you've done the first.

I normally pinch the area of skin tightly, I think it numbs it a bit, don't know if it does, but I think it does. Once the needle is in I let go, found out that if I keep pinching it I end up with a lovely bruise. I'm going to be honest here, the odd time and I mean the odd time it hurts slightly when the needle goes in, but it is only for a second.

Don't get worried about all the stuff and instructions that will come with your first delivery. You will get things incase you spill it. Apron, gloves, glasses, wipes and a big bag for any clothes that come into contact with the drug. I think it is a bog standard kit that they send out, some people do inject alot more that our dose and I think that this is more for them than us.

I will give you an example of what I mean. I have to screw the needle onto the vile and once when I started to inject it, it all came out all over my jeans. I loved the jeans and the thought of them going in the bag for disposal, well, they weren't going to get them. I phoned my RA nurse up and she just told me to rinse the drug off them and wash them by themselves in the washing machine and they would be fine. Adding that there wouldn't of been much drug there anyway.

I now inject Enbrel as well, so I use my stomach and legs, rotating the areas.

Don't worry about doing it, it only takes a few seconds once a week. It really is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Paula x


Thanks Paula, you make it sound easy, i will remember to "pinch".


Yep thanks Paula so will I ....


Pinch.... needle in..... release...... inject........ ......... then relax With a cup of tea.


It's the pinch that works everytime from me and it was Carole (watson) who gave me that tip. I'm having a few weeks off with much trepidation (may bail out yet) but shifting to sub cut MTX has taken my ESR down from 62 to 26 so definitely the way to go and I have no trouble at all injecting now - far less daunting to me than the tablets. You will be fine. TTx


I used a mirror to inject my stomach, which was the advice I received from my father who used to have to inject himself. Somehow looking in the mirror to insert the needle did not feel as bad. I have also had injection pens which I felt were worse as I feel more in control with the metojet.


hope it oges well good luck xx


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