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Active RA!!!


Haven't blogged for a while, mainly due to not being well & quite frankly I've been suffering from depression on & off when I'm sick mainly. Up shot is my biological CIMZIA is not working as well & I'm still vit D deficient, so I have been flaring once again.

I am recovering from last flare and have been signed of work force2 wks. Cimzia is taken every 2 wks, but it seems to only last between 5-7 says now. I have had my mix dose increased & I have been scheduled to start enbrel in May. The consultant feels I'll do better with weekly biological.

In the mean time every thing hurts especially my hands. Experiencing morning stiffness again and becoming unreliable at work especially on the second week as I really suffer then.

Hope all is well with every body, wrap up warm


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Im sorry to hear this yes of course we got down when at our worst I do too, hope the enbrel works better for you xx ps are you seronegative or positvie? do you know?

Best wishes Alison x


Hi Alison




Hi Joanne - I thought the reason we hadn't heard from you for ages was because you were doing so well and am disappointed for you that it's for the opposite reason. Poor you I really hope the enbrel makes a big difference. It's the one people seem to praise most on here anyway. Take care and hugs, Tilda xx


Hi T

I 've gotten a good 6 months out of it. I too am disappointed that it's beginning to fail. But I guess it's life. A bit apprehensive about starting enbrel. But I was like this with cimzia.

Take care

Joanne x


Like Tilda, I assumed you were off dancing. So sorry to hear that not being going too well. And winter's the worst time to feel rough anyway soon wonder you've been down about it all. But clocks go forward soon, and sun will appear to dose you with Vit D, so hope that and Enbrel does the trick quickly. Pollyx


Thanks Polly, I hope my RA improves as the weather gets better.

Cheers. Joanne x


Do hope you get better soon :-)

I was on CIMZIA but have come off it now as it was not working well enought for me. (I am seronegative with Vit D & B12 deficiency) and started 7th & 21st January this year on Rituximab infusions. To add to the Hydroxychloroquine & Prednisolone and other stuff that I have to take.

The whole balancing act with different meds is challenging and does bring me down as well. We can only hope that whatever meds work they are found quickly for us all. I was diagnosed 1st Aug 2010 and still not sorted out with my meds. I assume this is the same for everyone. When life throws us Lemons we must learn to make Lemonade and still give thanks! All the best to you.

Joanne B. :-) x


Thanks Joanne, you forget that others are or have experienced something similar.

I was diagnosed August 2011. Can't believe that I am once again suffering like before I started on biologicals.

I'll remember the lemon & lemonade analergy.

Take care hun

Joanne x


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