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I can't beleive it !

I can't beleive i feel this way i have my annual girls break coming up on Tuesday there are 7 of us going to Torremolinos for 3 days, and i don't feel like going. I have'nt spoke about my RA much to them as one person in particular always makes a funny crack if i mention it not that i can't take a joke but when you are feeling crap its a bit annoying to say the least. She likes a drink as i do myself but she can drink all day, but since going on methotrexate i know i have to be sensible within reason. Its not a problem i love a G&T so i just have Tonic with a lemon in the day as its All in holiday, and start G&Ts in the evening. As some of you peeps on here have said because we try to make the best of ourselves people don't understand what's going on inside us, its not always the discomfort of this RA monster at times. Its the side effect of what drugs we take to fight it. At the moment i am on a downer bit of a funny cold tickly throat not sure if its a side effect of MTX, have just had a Lemsip 4.25 am, lack of sleep doesn't help.Oh well having my nails done tomorrow may feel better in the light of day, Hubby says go and just relax and do what i feel i can do which is all we can do. Rant over thx peeps ((())) Ladybird

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Ladybird. you go and enjoy yourself i wish i was coming with you. A bit of lovely sun would do me and all of us here some good. I quite agree people don't know how bad this disease is as we all put on a good front. I'm off mtx at the moment due to breathing problems and light sensitivity. Not sure if i will be allowed to go back on it again. Oh well we will see next week when i see rheumy doc day before i have my knee sorted, perhaps he might give me a little "prick" in my bum to give me a boost.

You think of all us folks over here suffering in the cold damp uk and have a few drinks for us.

You go and have a smashing time.

Love sylvi.xxxx


Thanks Sylvi will do hope your op goes well for you, you made me giggle about the little prick in your bum hope it doesn't hurt to much if you have one.(( )) x Ladybird


Ladybird, I agree with Sylvi go and enjoy yourself.

The joky person has a problem .... just blank her when she starts.

Eventually she will get the message (perhaps one of the others will see that you are not finding it funny and will take her aside and talk to her).




Have a great time in the sun.

Maybe this other lady feels uncomfortable cos she doesn't know what to say. Not making excuses for her, sounds as if she needs to grow up a bit.



Hey, you go and have a great time, the sunshine should do you good. I often have a tickle in my throat and think I'm about to have a cold but it usually doesn't turn into anything. My husband is working abroad right now and there have been times when I'm mid flare and really have had to force myself on the plane. Once I'm there though, I generally feel better:) enjoy!


Yes I agree with everyone here although go easy on the g&ts - I had about 3 when I was away last month and my liver told tales on me when I had my blood tests so maybe just the tonic and lemon and ice mostly? Sure the tickly throat will come to nothing. Re the woman - hate people like that now I admit but we all encounter them and blanking or irony is the best way to deal with it. As long as the others are all good to you I think you should lap up all that vit d and try and enjoy every moment. Bon voyage! TTx


Awww thanks girls for your kind words i know you are all right in what you say. I just felt so low in the night i feel a bit daft now for moaning. The person i refer to is a good friend as a rule her heart is in the right place, but not very good at showing it, but we all have our faults.

I am sure i will enjoy once i am on my way they are a good crowd, we always have a laugh, These drugs have a lot to answer for eh messing with our feelings. Will send you all some sun if i can ;) ((((to all)))) x Ladybird


Have a great time xx


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