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New kid on the Block

Hi fellow bloggers, here very first blog...exciting innit!!

I was a little daunted when I read through the blogs on site, wow the standard of writing is great however I am comforted by the fact that our common thread is RA and not our literary skills, and will therefore type on regardless.

I was told about 15-20 years ago following problems with my hands,that I had RA - bizarely it subsided without referral or anything more than painkillers and I was fine, so I assumed I had been given the wrong information.

In February 2009 I had major surgery on my back. Before I left hospital my hand had swollen and was very painful this problem continued around various joints on a weekly basis, no one including myself gave a thought to Rheumatoid Arthritis and it was only in August 2009 that the diagnosis was confirmed and I was referred to Rheumatology. I was prescribed and am still taking MTX which suits me fine, and subsequently tried several add on drugs that I could not tolerate, I was offerred another but could not take it because I have eye problems. I then had to wait for eight months without further treatment or advise. During those eight months I and my hands have suffered damage, I have nodules on my elbow which cause problems. I have had carpal tunnel surgery. I was forced to take early retirement on a reduced pension or be sacked. I lived in tied accommodation so also had to move house. RA has changed my life and left me feeling upset, angry, depressed and that my life is out of my control. I was frustrated with NRAS website and similar that kept telling me to discuss this that and the other with my consultant,physio,nurse etc, how can you when you can't get an appointment!!


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Hi Wonky.


I'm sensing you're feeling less daunted now about writing online.

Have you seen the membership is growing already and it's only been promoted for a couple of hours. So do you have any tips on how to get people over their 'first-write' nerves?


Don't be daunted by your literary skills or perceived lack of them.

RA is thrust upon us, no manual, no induction no training, and we all live with it, so say what you have to say, in your own unique way and we will all understand. x


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