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Autoimmune and Vitamin D

I wonder how many similar autoimmune diseases, get confused, or not diagnosed. Reactions are so different in so many people. You would think Ra would have ESR, CCP. and others always positive. Obviously it isn't the case. So many with active RA are seeing normal blood work.. Do the meds cover that up? in some instead of healing, which would mean they need to be on something else, If your still in as much pain etc. Also autoimmune, Osteo, lupus, Fibromyalgia, Spondylosis and many more. I've been told i have so many things. RA, degenerative bone disease,,Fibromyalgia MS..Osteoarthritis.. From reading about most of you, i feel so lucky to be as doing good right now, just be grateful for this time and hope it lasts right now. . Yes my pain has been excruciating at times, but more so flares, days weeks, Months,. Then i might be fine. well 70 % better for days, weeks,sometimes even months,like now...keeping my fingers crossed..I have been getting better since my vitamin D kicked in within a few weeks, from when i started it, and my Hydroxychloroquine.

Also i came across an article about vitamin D..which to be doing wonders for me, If it can help someone i need to mention it , in case you don't know what yours is. Low vitamin D can lead to many many health problems, and total exhaustion..

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Hi,I have R.A and Fibromyalgia.Had both of these for nearly 17 years.My Rheumy did a blood test 2 months ago and my Vit D was very low (14) I think.She said it might be why I am in so much pain.She prescribed 20,000 units once a week for 3 months,which I have been taking but up until now I haven't noticed a difference sadly.Still in so much pain and totally exhausted all the time.She is repeating the test after 3 months and if it is still low will repeat the prescription for another 3 months.We don't realise how important Vit D is for our bodies.

I hope I may notice a difference when my levels are normal.Thankyou for posting this.xx


Sorry to hear that Rita, 17 years is a long time to go through that.. I wonder how long your Vit D was low. I hope that you get some relief soon. from something . I take mine everyday, 4000 plus fish oil 3 times a day. I don't think enough Dr's pay attention to it being a problem, .mine didn't..I showed my pharmacy and she said i need 4000 a day for a few weeks until i feel better(the exhaustion) i mean.. i still need to get more bllodwork, but i feel 70% better, now i'm sure the Ra meds have something to do with the decrease in pain,,but i say the D helped my energy 100%...wish you all the best..Joni


I have very low vitamin D and when it dips further I get a burning pain in my hips alongside "stop you in your tracks" exhaustion. I have a growth on my Parathyroid gland and they reckon it was caused by low vitamin d. I am on tablets for the rest of my days now but they make me feel queasy and give me indigestion. My memory is also poor when it is low. Good idea to get your levels checked and take a supplement if advised to. Hasn't got rid of all my pain though still have a lot of discomfort from

my R.A., if only it would take that pain away too x


Thank you for posting that. More people need to be aware, i figure most on here do ..but like i said if it helps someone it's worth it. Its a real important thing, that until i was told, had no idea,,and that was only 4 months ago..Hope you feel better.Joni


i wonder about vitamins to drinking to much tea the stuff in tea and coffee stops vit d and ion being absorbed into the blood streem said on tv the other day

and ive had to stop taking ny stuff for ops and im aching like hell today in feet and legs so thir must be somthing in it


Hi all, I have sarcoidosis (another autoimmune disease ) and the Rheumy thinks this is what is causing my joint pain. Sarcoid arthritis, as to the Vitamin D, because of the sarcoidosis vit d makes it worse, so I can't take it and should stay out of the sun. So I am hoping that there will be something similar that I can take as I am tired and exhausted all the time, but I do have sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, diabetes and a few other medical problems. Taking 10mg of prednisolone at the moment, because of asthma can only take naproxen for one week at a time, so not sure what my Rheumy will put me on next!!!!



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