Just before I go back out in the cold and wet

Today has been ****. We had a cattle inspection this morning which David did with the lady from DEFRA and had to go through all cattle movement records, passports and stuff all morning! Now i have just spent all afternoon with the lady from our distributors doing a poultry inspection. Now I have to go out and finish picking up the eggs and put the

girlies to bed. And my knees ache and my wrist hurts ... I feel so tired ... the weather is foul, wet and windy. Oh how I wish for the days when I used to love weather like this, me and my doggie (god rest her soul) would put our macs on and go walking on the Malvern Hills (where I was born) getting soppy wet and love every minute of it. I alway used to run back down the hill, dog barking her head off and jumping up trying to bite my flailing arms. Whatever happened to that girl? Times like this I hate RA... where's me pain killers.. chin up


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