I really fancy getting sozzled this evening and riding that alcholic wave - anyone else miss a really good drink?

Yes am on methotrexate and yes do have the one or two drinks allowed and yes don't miss the hangovers and no don't have any 'alcohol issues' What I miss is the talking of absolute c**p with old friends and getting on that bus of nonsense and hilarity. Always felt so much better afterwards....(and actually do miss the comradarie of the morning after, though not the 'head').

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  • ha ha I agree.

    I take Leflunomide and can't drink at all with them, I'm always ill for days afterwards and it takes ages to get rid of the nausea and get my appetite back. But I still miss a good booze up, dance and solving world problems

    Beth x

  • Yes dancing sober is particularly strange! Maybe we can have a pretend pub on line double G&T please barman! Citihound

  • can't dance wish i could.don't drink but i still like the ridiculous,and the silly. I had to give up the drink before ra called and decided to move in,it occupies my legs and hands,so still get the falling down feeling though without the drunk bit.!!!

  • YES YES YES!!!!

    Pint of vodka on ice please :)

    infact hold the ice, it may dilute it....

  • Coming right up - would you like a chaser with that? Just to keep you going!

  • Having had to stop the MTX for the last few weeks because of recurring infections and loads of penicillin I thought, wow, I can get hammered. Unfortunately I fell asleep after 3 pints before I could do myself too much damage, that flaming fatigue thing got in the way. However, I'm going to give it one more try this weekend before going back on the stuff next week. I think I just want to remember what it was like!

  • Hya Citihound.

    I'm on Leflunomide and MTX.

    Although I never drink on MTX day...... The odd cocktail (caprihina) or small glass of Red have been known to pass my lips..ie last week.... and perhaps the week before :D

    Just the one glass mind.. & then im out for the count!! ( such a cheap date now.. but not easy!!!)


  • I can't drink on MTx day or the day after but do have a few glasses of wine at the weekend. I don't go mad but with all the misery of the meds etc it's my little escape to normality and fun as well. Hav a double on me as I am really sick today with MTx so feeling pretty rotten and fed up

  • Thank you Debbie,took one for the team and had that double and another for the both of us! We have an hour until last orders anyone fancy a pint?

  • I take Mtx with no problems at all, i rarely drink but occasionally i go out and get sozzled, always loved a good sing and dance, (must be the Irish in me!)

    i don't think it hurts now and again and sod it anyway we're only here once :-)

  • I am also on mtx but the odd glass of red has been know to pass my lips! I figure with the regular blood tests they'll spot something wrong with my liver pretty quick. its all a question of live life and enjoy what you can, or be miserable. I know what I'd rather do.

  • And don't you feel such a wuss when all around you are knocking it back & you're sitting primly with your glass of water? Most times it's ok, but yes there are days (or more ususally evenings!).

  • i take MTX without side effects, and I do drink a bit.....perhaps only a couple of glasses a week, but then I do go out and get drunk every now and then too....In fact on holiday this year we drank wine most night (except MTX days) and all my bloods were OK, and I figured it was just a one off (or a two weeks off!!!)


  • I have a couple of glasses of red wine quite often, but never close to MTX days. And my bloods are fine. I asked my consultant about drinking red wine and she said little and often is fine, but never abstain all week and binge at the weekend.

    Its funny though, alcohol affects me quite quickly these days so I can only ever manage a couple of small glasses and then I'm asleep! Pathetic, really.

    But I really love drinking fizzy water, and that seems to help on days when I feel MTX sick.

    So cheers everyone!

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