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Can anyone share their experience of ankle problems please?

Hello everyone,

Sorry can't type much but would like your input before next week's appointment with nurse. Over the past week my ankle has been giving way at least once an hour whether walking on the flat or up/down stairs. It often goes back to normal within 10 minutes or so and the right is worse than the left - the pain seems to be directly behind my ankle joint but not at the very back of my foot. It suddenly jars and is soooo painful it makes me yelp!

Hope you are all having a decent Saturday,

Julie x

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I had something similar last summer and it was in and around the outer ankle bone - didn't feel like RA elsewhere and only hurt when I turned my foot if walking up and down hills really. Over a few months it worsened a lot and ended up using crutches to come home from a trip as it became impossibly swollen and hot. My physio (I have no rhuemy nurse) told me it was RA but in the soft tissue and synovial fluid around the ankle bone rather than in the joint. It went away completely after a few days on Naproxen and has never bothered me again. Hope same thing goes for you but yes I would tell the nurse about anything like that. Tilda x


Thanks Tilda, I will certainly speak to her ( I do wish you had access to a nurse although I realise your GP is on your side so to speak) - I am unable to take anti-inflammatories such as Brufen/Naproxen apparently, due to the heart meds I take but will sound them out about that too.

Enjoy your weekend,

Julie x


I don't know if your symptoms are have the same cause as mine had. In the early stages of RA both my ankles tilted inwards and the tendons got compressed on one side and overstretched on the other. This caused pain and swelling. After using in-shoe support to adjust the foot position the symptoms disappeared. Hope you find a way to cure your pain. Stay positive! Willyb


These are good suggestions


Is it at the point where the tendon joins onto the bone? If so, it could be enthesitis. Thats really common around the ankle (achilles tendon) in spondyloarthritis (the other main form of inflammatory arthritis).


hi i would agree with earthwitch its usually the tendon ligament at the ankle joint main one to be affected usually on the inside

you have some main nerves to the foot and arch under the ankle bone on the inside if you rub these in a rotation movment you should feel a sensation to the toes on that foot

this main nerve here if it gets inflamed due to the ligaments has a tendancy to give way this area is called the tarsal tunnel if inflamed the nerve dosnt slide properly.

this can also give you cold feet.

the only guidance i can give you on this is get some olive oil and massarge the ankle area in a rotation movment then massarge the underside near edge of the foot in a rotation movment.

also good for this sit on the couch and rotate the ancle in a circle (as best you can) then rotate the ankle in the opposite way

followed by pointing back and to using the ancle do for 3 to 5 mins

do this tice a day see how you go

regards john


I still have problems with my ankles but more the outside of the ankle bone which is worse if walking on uneven surfaces. I was referred to an orthotist who gave me shoe inserts and extra exercises to those that physio gave me. I was told it was a nerve getting trapped due to inflammation.

Hope u get advice or a referral to orthotist which helps u.



Mimka. Have studied biology?


Hi Julie56

As Tina has suggested, perhaps speak to your GP or rheumatology team about being referred to an orthotist or podiatrist who hopefully would be able to advise on this.

I thought you might also find it helpful to take a look at the new foot health section on our website:

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Sounds like a ligament problem , they hold the muscle on the joint , there is a private consultant at shire hospital in Leicester, his name is roger Oldham he trains profession athletes as well as normal people , he Injects a auger substance called dextrose in to a certain amount of ligaments and causes blood to go there witch repair the ligaments ! Trust me it honestly works I know about 10 people that have been treated by this doctor and every one was successful , cost including consultation for an ankle probably up to £300 which includes 3 treatment sessions one given at the same time , best book in for a 9am appointment tho as u miss the traffic and one want any info let me know , my son ad a really bad ankle he ad gone over on and it stretched the ligament so was very weak but wen good now for over 2 years


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