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NRAS Social Media Survey - we need your help!


Hi All

We've designed a survey looking into the use of social media sites by those with RA to try and determine which sites are used and and if these sites provide emotional support and information to their users. We'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill in the survey and let us know about your experiences of using social media. We've focussed on the sites where NRAS currently has an online presence - Facebook, Twitter, HU and the NRAS Members' forum but we are always looking to expand!

If you'd like to read a bit more about the survey and fill it in please follow the link below:

Thank you for your time!

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The past two polls that you have run, the very first question says do you have RA, but does not list any of the other inflammatory arthritis, therefore when I say no it thanks me for my response, and says I have completed the task. When I filled out the forms for membership the forms stated there as to what type of Arthritis I had and for a box to be ticked against the correct one. Why do you not include these in your Polls as there are a lot of people using this site who come under the headings of 'other inflammatory arthritis'.

Apologies Georje, we don’t mean to exclude you. In this case we wanted a simple way to ensure that friends or family members did not fill in the survey, only those with the disease themselves. We understand that there a many similarities between RA, PsA and other types of inflammatory arthritis and it’s great that you are all able to benefit from the NRAS HU community so hope you will continue to do so but when conducting research we do tend to focus on RA. I suspect the charities that specialise in psoriatic arthritis (PAPAA and The Psoriasis Association) also conduct research if you are keen to help in this way. There are lots of other ways to get involved with NRAS and we always appreciate the help we get from HU users so please don’t let this deter you!

Kind regards

Sarah Kate


sylvi in reply to SarahKate-NRAS

I've done it.xx

SarahKate-NRAS in reply to sylvi

Brilliant, thanks Sylvi :)

just done it xx

Lovely stuff - thanks guys!


I will do anything I can to assist with the understanding and treatment of this horrible disease! Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf!


All done & dusted!


All done & thank you & the team for this site,it's great x

Brilliant, thanks all. We've had a great response so far!

Just done it xx

Anything for you Sarah Kate!!Welll....within reason lol \axx

Hehe, I'll remember that! ;)

Thanks both.

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