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Talk to us about your social care support!

Do you receive social care support? NRAS is still looking for Members to help!

We are looking to talk to someone who has experience of the social care system to help us address the needs of people with rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have a spare 15 minutes give our Government Affairs Officer, Leo Watson, a call on: 01628 823524 or email: leo@nras.org.uk.

Many thanks!


NRAS Membership Supervisor

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Not too sure what you mean by social support. If that means physio, aids etc, well when I was first diagnosed 3 years ago I was sent to a physio. I really needed help with getting dressed. I wanted someone to show me the way to do it that would cause the least amount of pain. I was told to wear cloth that were loose fitting and if it hurt to put on my bra than I should think about just not wearing one! It took two weeks to get the appointment and it lasted about 15 minutes!

I was told that I would get hydro therapy too.........still waiting.......

I did however get loads of aids to help me day to day. Things like a stick/grab thingie that is terrific. Also I was given a cradle for my kettle which was also a god send. There were these grips for the kitchen taps that were a big help. I was also given crutches which only made the pain in my shoulders, arms, wrists and hands worse as my rheumy nurse said they would!

I don't know if any of that is what you wanted. If I can help with anything else please let me know and I will be glad to help if I can. Jean Martin.


I have never been referred to a physio or offered any aids. I have just spent a lot of money on crutches (arthritic type), a grabber and a raised loo seat. Maybe its where I live?


Hi Jean,

The care and support system is complex and can be confusing.

The type of services available to help with care and support needs can include:

help at home with shopping, laundry and cleaning

intensive home care such as washing, dressing and preparing a meal

24-hour care in a care home or a housing with care scheme (also known as sheltered accommodation).

You may also be entitled to the provision of equipment and adaptations to help make your home more suitable to meet your needs.

Did your local authority provide the aids for you? If so it is likely this was part of your social care.



All my aids I have had to purchase myself. Never been offered physio, pain management etc despite DAS of 6.29. Is it a case of if you don't ask you don't get? I am quite shy in front of strangers and feel awkward about asking.


It is my understanding anyone can make a referral to the local authority.

Often it’s the person themselves or their family but it could come from their doctor/the hospital/a neighbour etc if they feel that the person is struggling to live independently.

Then the person is assigned a social worker and then come out and do an assessment. The assessment can either show that you have eligible needs/not.

However, with the eligibility criteria as they currently are (in many areas you will need to have ‘substantial’ needs before you become ‘eligible’ and quite a low income to be financially eligible).

It is always worth calling Citizens Advice Bureau if you have concerns.


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