Appointment. What appointment (Part 3)

Having spent most of the day ringing the rheumy dept secretary and getting an answerphone I rang the main hospital appts centre. And yes (whoopee) I did have an appt today..And one on the 18th Feb. So I tooled along and reported to reception. I mentioned that I had been trying to get through to the secretary and was told ' oh yes she was off today'! Oh,so thats ok then if I needed to check wasnt it??? I saw the nurse at 4.50 (my appointment was at 4.10. Who was very apologetic about the mix up and a nice lady. Went through a thorough check on me and increased my mtx as my scores were up a bit and will see me again in 4 weeks if no improvement. Person I felt sorry for was an old lady (70+) who I heard telling someone she had been waiting an hour. Then a nurse came out to tell her she couldn't be seen as they had lost her notes from the doctor!! So my problem diminished in importance. As is usual with that generation she took it so well and calmly. Me I would have been dictating a letter to the CEO of the health trust!!!

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  • Better news for you a result,, but that poor old lady x

  • It seems to happen all the time. As I was waiting for my appt there were people going to the desk asking about notes that didnt seem complete, appointments that were wrong, people waiting ages to be seen. Just total bloody chaos!! My notes hadnt been entered on the nurses screen so she had to do them herself wheras it should have been done by admin.

  • It's is so wrong, But i'm glad you got your appointment, it seems to me that you should put in a complaint, And that poor lady, she shouldn't have to put up with that, The thing is with some old people they don't like to causes a fuss, I hope she lets her family know what has happened, so they can put in a complaint for her, Take care XX

  • It was the same at my appointment of Friday. We arrived five minutes early and there was a woman telling her friend very loudly that they had not passed on her notes so her appointment was going to be cancelled. She had made childcare arrangements and had to cancel them so her young daughter was with her abs when she was called it was my apt time so they must have had to bump everyone on. She looked like she was about to sound off big time having been there all morning. And this was just a two day clinic in the a&e dept of our small local hospital - goodness knows how chaotic things must be in a big hospital.

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