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What 3 words sum up holistic care for you?

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Many health care services are extolling the virtues of 'holistic care', many without checking in with the patients about what they think this should look like. To that end, the Rheumatology nurses at Salisbury NHS trust have approached NRAS to reach out to you all to get you to tell us what 3 words sum up holistic care for you? They realise that they will not be able to reach these goals without knowing what you want.

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Everyone needs different!

Listen Talk Rethink

Listen without prejudice

Two way communication.

Understand your patient

Listen Discuss Care

Prompt communication, care

no medication cheaper??

Empathy, patience, listening

For me holistic care is providing care as a whole and not in a disconnected way. So as a RA patient my needs would be: 1) Understanding (personal needs), 2) Care (providing relevant clinical support) and Review (adapting the care as needed and to not disconnect from the patient). RA holistic care should be never ending (as its a life long disease) and should remain interconnected. What I mean here is that the RA patient shouldn't be put on the back burner and be given continuous service!! Apologies for the long reply 😉

Listen, believe, discuss 😊

Information, explanation and listening.

Listen, believe and empathy

Listen, believe, react. Can I sneak in another concept, ongoing care?

Listen, discuss, act,

Listen kindness time

It’s very hard to sum it up in only 3 words because it means different things to different people.Why only 3 words? Have they explained that?

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J1707 in reply to Lolabridge

Interesting how the word listening and care/empathy has been used so much

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Mmrr in reply to J1707

I noticed 'listening' coming up in many answers too, it speaks volumes that so many of us feel the need to state 'listen' over and over.

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Lolabridge in reply to J1707

Yes indeed. I still don’t understand why it has to be only 3 words. I think it needs more!

Whole body health

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J1707 in reply to Dobcross1

Yeah including feet

Feel listened to, Empathy and holistic approach

Caring for body mind and spirit.

Listen kindness solution

Empathy, communication, mental wellbeing - often forgotten

Listen, look (at medical notes), lifestyle (yes, we do have a life beyond hospital walls!)

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Rachmaninov2 in reply to BoneyC

I agree, Person Centred Care.

Look and listen

Body, mind and time

Listening, communication, action

Better treatment options


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Mmrr in reply to Lizard28


Set patients goals

LISTEN care empathy

Listen -time to explain -stop having to repeat ourselves

Me ( the patient)

Treatment (is it working to optimum effect)

Improvement( how can the patient achieve improvement eg locally provided exercise, Gp care, information)

Ask "What frustrates you?"I had a problem getting this down to 3 words, the question is aimed at exploring/meeting individual needs re the impact of RA , not having assumptions made.

Undertanding a full history of each individual and amending the "Text Book"To each one.......not hard not lengthy...if you look and listen...

Listen, discuss, act

Listen, engage, joint decisions. 4 words I know😉

Eye contact. Non rushed appointments.

three words cannot sum up holistic care but rheumatology "accepting responsibility" would be a good start-accepting resposibility for ra causing eye problems, osteo bone problems and life problems loss of job/mobility not just saying well thats not ra you need to go back to your gp for another referral definitely needs to look at whole person and the impact of ra

Oh dear that really struck a chord with me, I’ve had hip and lung issues written off as ‘nothing to do with ra’ and staff who still refer to it as ‘arthritis’. Sorry to hear similar from you; it is a real worry.

Not 3 words, but spend at least 3 minutes listening to you before using the computer 😉

Treat whole person

LISTEN, understand, compromise

I like all the ones with listen but know that I am terrible at expressing what is hardest so would need someone to read between the lines!

And the ones with kindness but I suppose I don’t want to come away feeling patted on the back but with no plan..

Schabe tried to think of others

*Advocate* or maybe Champion- I want to feel as though my rheumatologist is fighting for and with me and genuinely has my best interests at heart *Individualised* - and I think this includes taking the time to explore what matters to each patient

*Time* or maybe continuity - so that the above can happen and appts that feel like gold dust don‘t turn into wasted opportunity and disappointment

Ok that was too wordy 😝

Join the dots. In other words use signs, symptoms, hear what the patient says and read what they may not have said, look for the triggers and pressures in their lives and then work to put it all together as a cohesive whole.

Multi-disciplinary and evidence-informed care - RA is about more than just painful joints, it’s a systemic disease 😞

Whole - treat the whole person, by listening to ALL of their symptoms both physical (feet are often a big problem but frequently dismissed) and mental, including diet and exercise as it clearly helps.

Respect - the patient by believing them and trusting that in most cases they know their own bodies and many do their own research so they also understand RA even if they are not experts.

Engage - with the patient by discussing the treatment options in detail and listening to concerns about side effects. Also consider their work/family life problems.

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Brushwork in reply to Brushwork

Might I just add; an annual multi-disciplinary review of a patients status would be good. Imagine how good that could be

kindness, learning, patience

Near enough impossible!

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