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As I have blogged before was going into hospital for my new shoulder. I was put on hold because of a bed shortage because everyone were breaking bones. Anyway got the call at 10 on Friday, walked into the ward and was processed, robed, pushed into theatre. Next I was in bed in the ward. By tea time I was feeling ok. Saturday I had breakfast was up and doing my excersise. Came home Tuesday afternoon, fingers crossed all going well. Staples and sling off next week. Eat your heart out McDonalds my hospital have it sorted. Don't get me wrong they are not shabby, I have had two hips and a shoulder before and they are very professional. The food is great, the nurses are fab, it's clean, friendly, it's like premier inn with health care.

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  • Lovely to hear your home and on the mend. It is also nice to hear a good report from our hospitals. Home you recover quickly.xx

  • Good news .. what part of the country is your innovative hospital in? x

  • what a good experience bleeper, you are done and dusted so have a good recovery.

  • It's Kettering hospital in Northamptonshire.

  • I know it well Beeper,lived in Irthlingborough ( born in Rushden) and moved to Rugby 5 yrs. ago.The rheumy team at Kett.Gen.were good and nice to hear that they have taken care of you,long may it continue :)

    Take care Beth x

  • Sounds like a dose of salts ! glad to hear you sounding so 'up'.

  • Great to read something so positive Beeper - hope you keep recovering well. Tilda

  • Well done. them beef Burgers.......

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